Thanks To Our SES San Jose Bloggers!

aimclearMany thanks to our corp of bloggers this week in San Jose. Specifically, great job to Todd Mintz, Jennifer Osborne and Charlene Jaszewski and to Matt, Manny, Laura, Nam and Kat back at the office.

There’s noticeably cache’ of additional content these guys (in the androgynous) cranked out, which we’ll share over the next week.  In the mean time, there’s plenty of terrific coverage out there– including my favorites, SEORoudtable and TopRank. There always seems to be a huge amount of during-conference-buzz surrounding Search Engine Strategies gatherings, especially SJ.

It’s incredibly hectic here in Duluth, in a happy way. It’s time for a little R&R up here along the shores of majestic Lake Superior, gateway to the Canoe Wilderness Boundary Waters. We’ll be fired up for next week.

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