The Analyst’s Guide to Teaching Data Driven Community MGMT @ #eMetrics

Like it or not, analysts are essential participants in the advancement of any social media program. In Facebook, large amounts of actionable engagement data has been made available to page owners and it is crucial they leverage this data to advise and measure social KPIs.

Guess what, analysts? with your awesome data measuring chops, it is your duty to teach community managers how to interpret and use this social data. Fret not! We’ve created The Analyst’s Guide to Teaching Data Driven Community Management to aid you in the process.

In this presentation we examine leveraging data to make friends and influence people, how to map search keywords to conversations, and how to identify authority users and get them to friend you.

I had the pleasure of delivering this presentation at eMetrics San Francisco 2012 and it is my pleasure to make the information available for download.

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