The Lost Marty Weintraub Rockstar Pictures


It’s been interesting to note search journalists lobbing tongue and cheek verbiage like “PPC rockstar,” “Social Media rockstar” and other mutually indulgent hyperbole at Marty.

All seriousness aside, we were cleaning out the office today and found a poster, circa 1985, that left the weekend AIMCLEAR crew howling. In a momentary haze, Marty gave me permission to publish these pictures and I wanted to do so before he changed his mind!



Yup that’s Marty alright! He says:

“in retrospect I looked a lot like a much less attractive version of my mother. Back in the day I used a LOT of AquaNet extra-hold and (obviously) took things a bit too seriously :).”

Anyway, we hope you enjoy this blast from the past…

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