Merry Morud Speaks At #MNSearch! Home Sweet (Minnesota!) Home


merry-morudWith the long Labor Day weekend on the horizon, AIMCLEAR is excited to amp up this week by speaking at the latest MnSearch Marquee event TODAY, August 27th. Merry Morud, AIMCLEAR‘s Social Advertising Director, has made the trek from Duluth to Minneapolis to share her expertise on social PPC and content distribution.

The Minnesota Search Engine Marketing Association holds quarterly search workshops, panels and other events for search marketers throughout the state, and today’s event, MnSearch Marquee: Social Media Sales Bootstrap Clinic, is shaping up to be another inspired event.

This evening at Spyder Trap in Minneapolis from 6-8pm, members who preregistered can attend the event for free. Otherwise, it is $40 for members on the day of the event and for general admission.

Come prepared to dine, network and delve into social media as an essential sales tool. Most (if not all) marketers recognize that social media & content distribution are integral to generating revenue and staying relevant to consumers. With organic reach declining in most social channels, it can be daunting to expertly leverage social for SEO, acquisition and sales.

Merry will share hot tactics to deliver the best results for your business…using the RIGHT social channels.

She will lead attendees through:

  • Understanding the distinct super-powers of social ad units
  • Applying ultimate psychographic targeting tactics for B2C and B2B social sales
  • Learning the powerful relationship between social psychographic targeting, retargeting AND filtered retargeting
  • Measuring content distribution’s effectiveness with Analytics
  • Awareness of the critical differences between search ad copy writing and social
  • Utilizing work flow tactics and templates to overcome bottlenecks

Haven’t signed up yet? It’s not too late to join the fun! If you’re at the MnSearch Marquee event, please introduce yourself and say hi to Merry! We’d love to hear what you learned at the event. Tweet us at @AIMCLEAR and @MerryMorud.

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