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Welcome to this week’s Social Marketing Cluster Facts! Every week we dig into the social media marketing news scene and uncover the goods. What’s up this week?

Twitter reveals awards, Facebook dishes out bonus features for businesses and Zenith is coming! Watch SMCF! 

To celebrate ten years of groundbreaking and creative marketing, Twitter announced new Twitter #GoLive Awards. Twitter will recognize the most innovative Ads Campaigns spanning seven categories: Live, Culture, Impact, Creativity, Response, Promote and Growth to the best clients, partners, and agencies. The winners will be competing with innovative and social emperors like Dove! Yeah, the bar is set high. Strap your thinking caps on because the “Winners will receive an exclusive award, be recognized across Twitter’s digital properties, and have a permanent presence inside Twitter HQ.” That’s pretty facting cool. You can learn more on the Twitter Blog.

Facebook announced a grip of new features for businesses using messenger. Improvements include: -Business Usernames to help people find you, their favorite companies -Messenger Links and Codes to help people directly communicate with your staff, -and, finally, customizable greetings that welcome your customers when they interact with you. This is just another step in establishing Facebooks Messenger as a hub for user to engage with the places they love.

On April 28th, two weeks from today, twenty of the greatest Digital Marketing minds are coming to speak in Duluth, MN and two of those twenty are standing right here. Zenith Digital Marketing Conference offers 4 Tracks, 20 sessions chucked full of topics like PPC, SEO, eComm, Content, Design, Social and more. Social Marketing Cluster Facts will be there LIVE, so stop by and tell us what you love, hate, or whats grinding your gears. Register now at and we will seeing you there!

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