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Instagram is getting Facebooked, Twitter Marches towards Madness, and Encryption drama!

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Instagram is getting Facebooked, Twitter Marches towards Madness, and Encryption drama!
Microsoft announced an update to Twitter for Windows 10 is now available to download free from the Windows Store. The most notable changes are:

– conversations are easier to follow

– video creation and editing is easier

– the dark theme that’s available for your windows phone is now available for desktop, and

– finally, you can now use Cortana to send a Tweet or search Twitter.

Back in February, we reported the arrival of a new algorithm that would change your Twitter feed to place your most important tweets at the top.

Starting on the 15th, the once opt-in feature has now been turned on by default across accounts. If you dislike the new change you can OPT-OUT in your settings.

As if Twitter hasn’t had enough problems between stock prices and employees taking flight,

NOW their video platform, Vine’s top creators are asking Twitter for compensation.

One unnamed content creator said they’ve been working for free for3 1/2 years, and those creators have other options for success like YouTube and Facebook.

After a meeting with Vine creators, Twitter is considering compensation options. We’ll follow the story and keep you up to date!

and of course… Now, “Alphabet (aka Google) is buying Twitter” is running on the Rumor Treadmill again.

They must need a little stock boost.

As Snapchat keeps ramping up its features and popularity, they’ve now hired Pandora Executive, Tom Conrad as VP of Product.

This is a big hire as it should give Snapchat CEO, Evan Spiegel more time to devote to building Snapchat as a business.

Good luck Tom, hopefully, jobs at Snapchat don’t disappear as quick as a snap.

Rumour patrol: thinks that Snapchat may be creating their own pair of smart glasses.

This speculation is based on a combination of employee backgrounds, past buy outs, and job postings that have been popping up at Snapchat.

There has been a lot of drama surrounding encryption lately.

Just last week we reported on a Facebook executive jailed in Brazil, for not handing over encrypted information he didn’t have access to.

The US government is after Apple to gain access to an iPhone used by the San Bernardino terrorists.

Apple has been getting flack for not helping break their own encryption and now Facebook, Google, Snapchat and other Silicon Valley companies are backing them up and increasing their own encryption measures.

The tech industry claims that breaking their own encryption would be extremely dangerous as it would essentially be creating tools that put everybody’s data and privacy at risk.

If you’d like to get a better understanding of the drama surrounding encryption, HBO’s “Last Week Tonight” had a great feature this week, that delves into the issues more extensively.


If you want to be courtside but can’t get tickets, then Twitter’s where it’s at.

The NCAA and Turner Sports teamed up with Twitter to make some pretty spiffy March Madness themed emoticons.

Hopefully, you will be posting more Cinderella than you will BracketBusted.

Make sure to hit up MarchMadness on Twitter to be part of the game.

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