Imagine the Possibilites! How Twitter Lead Gen Cards Can Increase ROI

Twitter cards! Is your brand using them yet?

This vastly underutilized feature is a really cool way to make your brand’s Twitter account stand apart from its competitors.  Not only can brands share and display their content in big, fun ways, but more importantly, they can gain leads and increase ROI! Of all the Twitter cards, the Lead Generation Twitter card is what captures our attention. For those of you who don’t know too much about Twitter cards yet, they basically allow you to engage with your followers in a whole new way. By attaching what Twitter calls “media experiences” to tweets that include a link to your content, you can include summaries of the content, show large photos, a gallery of photos, and more.

Here’s an overview of the Twitter cards that are currently available.

Summary Card: This card includes a title, description, Twitter account attribution, and thumbnail. This is the default card.

Instead of your tweet just looking like a regular old tweet with a link in it, it gets transformed into a snippet of the content you’re sharing similar to Facebook. Neat-o!

Large Image Summary Card: Similar to the Summary Card, but with one key difference – the ability to prominently display an image!

Screen shot 2013-07-02 at 11.58.41 AM

See how Full Sail did it?

Photo Card: A photo card in the size of a tweet.

Gallery Card: Pretty self-explanatory – this type of Twitter card allows you to display a collection of photos.

App Card: This card showcases a profile or a snippet of an application.

Player Card: If you want to share audio or video, then this is the card for you!

Product Card: Want to show off a cool, new product? There’s a card for that!

Last but certainly not least is the brand new Lead Generation Card!

Lead Generation Card: Though they’re not yet available to all brands, Twitter plans to roll these out soon. Accrue highly engaged, quality leads by implementing the Lead Gen cards! They allow your followers to express interest or sign up for more information right in Twitter by sharing their email address without even having to fill out a form.

Trying to drive sign-ups for an event? Maybe you want to increase your newsletter circulation? Perhaps you’re working to build your email list for Facebook Custom Audiences! Regardless of why you want to build an email list, the Lead Gen card will help you do it. The more leads you get, the better your chances of increasing your ROI.

Specifically, Priceline shows us how they’re using the Lead Generation card to promote a 10% off hotel coupon. When you initially see the tweet, it will give you the option to expand and “View promotion.”

Priceline_Lead Gen Card

When you click on “View promotion,” this is what you’re presented with.

Priceline_Lead Gen Card2

Think of the possibilities! No longer do you have to direct followers to a landing page to sign up. People are lazy, and the easier you make it for them to express interest in your brand, the better for you and for them. Right?

As soon as Twitter rolls out Lead Gen cards to small business in the (hopefully) near future, this will be something you’ll definitely want to pay attention to, no doubt. Who else is excited about the possibilities?

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