The Ultimate Travel Marketing Psychographic Targeting Toolkit


Of all marketing spaces, the travel and hospitality vertical has some of the richest data at scale. The reasons are obvious. Many humans are nomadic in nature, a phenomenon dramatically perpetuated by global, easy, low cost, high tech and accessible transportation and lodging.

An exciting feature of growing data sets is easy accessibility to psychographic targeting for marketing via mainstream social channels: Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn and others. Each channel offers its own features for layering data (using “AND” and “OR” operators) and exclusions. Facebook remains the most robust platform for psychographic layers.

This travel and hospitality toolkit provides most mainstream and some off-the-beaten-path data objects, easily available to marketers in different combinations via Facebook, Twitter and Google data. Google, of course, includes YouTube. The data offered herein, dependent on which channel marketers utilize, can be used for:

SO, strap in for a tour of travel and hospitality psychographic layers available in Facebook, Twitter and Google. We’ll also share some layering examples in Facebook, which offer a glimpse into even deeper targeting power.

Navigation Instructions: Swipe the images on mobile and use the “PREV” and “NEXT” buttons on desktop. To jump between sections, scroll down to “Presentation Navigation” and tap your destination of choice.

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