Bite-Sized Marketing: How Six-Second Vine Videos Can Build Your Brand


If you just asked, “What’s a Vine Video?” it’s time you got up to speed on Twitter’s newest mobile app. Released January 2013, Vine allows users to create six-second, shareable videos with their phones. These short videos are then posted and viewed by followers on a stream, similar to Twitter. Vine videos can also be shared on other social sites like Twitter and Facebook, similar to how one would share photos from Instagram.

While adding Vine to your company’s social media arsenal sounds like a cool idea, you’re likely wondering, “Does my business really need another social media channel to manage?” The answer is… well, possibly. Businesses certainly don’t need a presence on every channel out there, but if your brand is heavy on the visuals (think a B2C skateboard company or a B2B robotics manufacturer), incorporating Vine into your current social strategy is definitely worth considering. As with sharing photos, video can humanize your brand on a deeper level by giving your target audiences a peak behind the company curtain. And unlike YouTube, Vine’s six-second rule and mobile-friendly platform make for easily digestible videos on the go.

Still not sure whether or not Vine will work for your business? Consider these four clever tips before brushing it off…or jumping in headfirst!

Use Vine to…
Humanize Your Brand

  • Take viewers inside your office, store or plant and show them where you brainstorm ideas, make products and execute services
  • Highlight staff with short interviews or FAQs
  • Share fun facts about your company’s history

Build Buzz

  • Provide sneak peaks of upcoming events, soon-to-be-released products or hint at big company news
  • Promote events with short clips from your trade show booth, store opening or conference presentation
  • Stores can share daily deals and restaurants can share today’s menu specials  

Demonstrate Products and Services

  • Show how new products, features and services work
  • Answer frequently asked questions regarding new products, features and services

Connect with Your Customers

  • Show off your brand ambassadors with videos of them discussing your business
  • Hold contests and ask for video submissions from followers

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t use Vine without a clear purpose and strategy. Like all social media, Vine needs consistent and creative use in order to add value. If you do end up using Vine, you’ll quickly realize that like many social channels, the marketing opportunities are endless (if you’re willing to get creative, that is).

Do you use Vine for your business? If so, what’s your favorite way of utilizing this app?

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