Visual Content: Video & Picture Perfect Marketing [Infographic]

With so much noise in today’s social media landscape, it takes creativity and imagination to catch people’s attentions. What better way to stand out in the crowd than through enticing visuals in social media that rise above the rest.

AIMCLEAR Account Manager Rachel Malone-Olson and Avalaunch Media Founder Matt Siltala gave the Zenith Conference crowd a long, hard look into the world of evolving visual platforms, WHY they matter and HOW to stand out.

So, why does it it matter? As Matt pointed out, humans are visual learners by nature, which is why visual platforms are taking off! Here’s a breakdown of top performing visual social media platforms and the stats to back it up.

YouTube. This tried and true platform has proven itself the place to be for video content. With more than 80,000 hours of video and 24TB of data utilized, it’s become a hub for businesses, organizations and even a platform for the rise of (YouTube) stars.

Pinterest. “Pinning” something is now a common action most people understand. The visual heavy platform now has 100 million monthly active users. Considering one-third of millennials are ON Pinterest, there’s still room for even more growth. Plus, 87 percent of users have actually made a purchase because of Pinterest content. Cha-ching!

Instagram. There are plenty of new opportunities to connect as a business with customers on Instagram. The single most important tip, according to Matt? QUALITY VISUALS. Because Instagram is largely mobile, it gives brands a chance to connect with consumers around-the-clock and become their own press… if done right.  

Snapchat. If you’re looking for an audience, they can be found here. With more than 100 million active daily users and 9 snaps for every second, Snapchat is emerging as a strong social leader. Plus, users spend an average of 30 minutes a day Snapping away. Meet them there.

Vine. Did you know more than 1.5 billion loops are played every day? On top of that, it’s estimated that five vines are Tweeted per second. High-profile brands like The Home Depot, Dunkin Donuts and Oreo have launched successful Vine campaigns, generating tens of thousands of loops. So, loop it up.

Periscope & Meerkat. These two live streaming platforms have literally skyrocketed in popularity over the last year or so. With 100 million active users and 350 hours of video streamed daily, there are opportunities for marketers to get in front of crowds craving entertaining streaming content. Plus, there’s also an opportunity for Twitter integration and exclusive up-to-date coverage and storytelling. Live stream away.

Blab. What? This is a new one. Blab allows brands (and people) to create digital rooms for the creation of the common experience. It allows brands and users to interact with one another in real-time. Have a question? Want to find out what consumers are wondering? Blab it up.

Bottom line: Executing visual social media marketing takes a whole lot of strategy and creative thought, but the first step is to nail down the basics. Attached is an easy-to-read download that includes various best practice dimensions for each platform. Download now and get your visual game rolling! Click the infographic below to download! 

social_media1 (2)

*All stats were taken from the Zenith Conference presentation, Video & Picture Perfect Marketing Flip Book, presented by Rachel Malone-Olson and Matt Siltala.

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