Viva #Pubcon! AIMCLEAR Shakes, Rattles & Rolls into Las Vegas

Our blue suede shoes are packed, and it’s time to go, cat, go — to Las Vegas, that is, for Pubcon 2016. Pubcon will be a whirlwind this year, with speaking and moderating gigs, our booth featuring a blast from the past, and the always highly anticipated US Search Awards. In fact, let’s start there, ‘cause we can’t contain our excitement!

All that glitters

The US Search Awards, now in its 4th year, is billed as the biggest celebration of search, PPC and digital marketing in the USA. We’re thrilled to be shortlisted for FIVE (!) awards this year:

  • Best Large Integrated Agency
  • Young Search Professional (Ad Operations Analyst Mitch Larson)
  • Best Local Campaign
  • Best Use of PR in a Search Campaign
  • Best PPC Campaign

An annual event delivered in association with Pubcon, the US Search Awards bring together the country’s leading search and digital agencies. Our fellow nominees are the cream of the crop, truly the who’s who of this beautiful industry, and we’re incredibly humbled to be among them.

We can’t wait to celebrate with our friends and peers at the awards ceremony, Wednesday night at Caesars Palace. Congratulations, finalists, and good luck!

It’s business time

If you’re less about glitz and glamour and more about gettin’ stuff done, come see us in the exhibit hall. Let’s chat about your marketing challenges and how AIMCLEAR might be able to solve ‘em. Casual convos are cool, too: which 80s hair band is the greatest, the plight of Pluto, flossing: yea or nay?.

The exhibit hall is open Tuesday, October 11, and Wednesday, October 12, from 9:35 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Megan Rivas, Manny Rivas and Mitch Larson will be hangin’ in booth 409 (GIDDY UP!). We’re pretty friendly folks (we have to be; we’re from Minnesota), so let’s connect or reconnect. If for no other reason, stop by for some sweet swag and play our technologee-whiz game.

We’ve got somethin’ to say

And, of course, Pubcon wouldn’t be Pubcon without the incredible lineup of educational sessions and keynotes. AIMCLEAR Founder Marty Weintraub and Merry Morud, senior creative strategist, will be gracing the stage in varying capacities at the event, starting with our Psychographic Targeting & Neuromarketing workshop today.

Up next, Marty will liven things up Tuesday at 2 p.m. in Salon E as moderator of Audience Building: Starting From Scratch. Rebecca Murtagh of Karner Blue Marketing and Nikki Fica of Social Media Facelift will dive into how to create a social media audience.

Merry’s hittin’ the stage twice. First up is Psychographic Display for Successful Lead-Gen on Tuesday at 4:20 p.m. in Salon E. She’ll be back on Wednesday for Facebook Power Editor at 2:45 p.m., also in Salon E, with HostGator’s Kyler Patterson.

We asked Merry for a preview of her psychographic display session so we could share the inside scoop with you. Here’s the deets:

Q: Plenty of marketers are frustrated with limited conversions, even though they’re spending up the wazoo. How will you address this topic?

Merry: Limited or expensive conversions are an all-too-common problem for most marketers, especially in social media. In Psychographic Display for Successful Lead-Gen, the legendary Anne Kennedy and I will present a case study we worked on together to get over 10,000 conversions from Facebook ads in a super niche (yet underserved) market, for a service that didn’t even exist yet, at under $2 per conversion. We’ll share not only the psychographic targeting used for this campaign, but strategies for qualifying audiences and targeting influencers. We’ll also take a 30,000-foot view of all social channels to explain why Facebook was the right channel for this initiative. IMHO, the 30,000-foot view of social channels and creative matrix is worth the attendance.

Ultimately, if you’re looking to really tackle online marketing conversion domination at a grand scale, it’s imperative to nail fully integrated digital marketing strategies. Most marketers are still struggling with this due to siloed departments.

Q: You and Anne Kennedy, president of Outlines Venture Group, will show how ad creative and landing pages can combine to create a conversion masterpiece. Without giving it all away, can you give us a sneak peek into what attendees can expect?

Merry: End-to-end creative is key, and it starts with targeting: unearthing the correct, focused audience. AIMCLEAR‘s creative process is quite different than most other agencies. We don’t just write ads and landing pages; we construct a creative matrix that not only provides flexibility to marketers in an arena where ads go stale FAST, but is also designed to drastically cut time in the ad and landing creation and approval process.

Q: This is a basic question, but an important one: Who should attend this session? What would you say to those deciding on a session in this timeslot (Tuesday, 4:20 p.m.)?

Merry: Quite honestly, I’d love to attend at least four of the other sessions at the same time, but that’s Pubcon for you — amazing content 🙂 It’s like the Sophie’s Choice of sessions!

Psychographic Display for Successful Lead-Gen will be the session of choice for marketers specializing in social ads, looking to hone their targeting chops, and who are actually responsible for attributable conversions. In addition, anyone responsible for writing ad and/or landing page creative who’s tired of the humdrum advice they’ve heard over and over should attend. With nearly every online marketing process becoming automated with (super) smart algorithms and artificial intelligence, a brand’s creative will be a differentiator as everyone will eventually have access to the same systematic operations. The creative matrix is a radical new way to think about copy. We’re pretty excited about it. Oh, and it’ll be fun 🙂

Sounds like it’s going to be a great session, not to mention a great show. We hope to see you at Pubcon this week!

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