YouTube Analytics: Insight Adds 3 Cool Features


Hop into the YouTube analytics suite Insight and you’ll notice YouTube has added some new features to the platform. Obvious additions are pretty new color charts allowing us  to view discovery of videos over time. Being able to monitor view-count over the lifespan of a video and tracking the sources of those views is nothing new to Insight. However merging these two measurements is. The new feature allows us to toggle between stats in a cool stacked chart or line chart display.

Also new on the grid is a sweet Mobile Views feature. YouTube stated in recent months that viewership from mobile phones is in the tens of millions each day and phone uploads have shot up 1700% making this new feature highly substantiated. No doubt, this is a reflection of the dramatic increase of smart phone adoption. Be sure to check this metric out. You’ll be surprised the percentage of mobile views your videos are receiving.

Ever wonder how many of your subscribers are coming to check out your content once you hit upload? The Views from Subscribers feature allows account owners to see exactly what subscription modules are garnering views. Although  gathered stats will only show from September 09′ and forward, it’s helpful to see if subs are coming either from the homepage subscriptions box, subscription page and/or subscription emails.

YouTube also hinted at “more releases” soon to come, but made no specific statement regarding what we can expect. For now I’ll settle for crossing a few line items off the ol’ YouTube analytics feature wishlist.

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