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Welcome to this week’s Social Marketing Cluster Facts! Every week we dig into the social media marketing news scene and uncover the goods. What’s up this week?

YouTube is going live, Facebook taps artificial intelligence for users with disabilities, and Pinterest takes on the world.

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Snapchat is renting billboard space in cities around the country to display their geofilters — some of those billboards showcase user-created community geofilters. The billboards do not carry the Snapchat label, leaving those not on Snapchat confused, troubled, worried, panicked, scared, anxious.
Snapchat is growing up and they are hoping marketers take notice. Following lasts weeks hire out of Pandora, Tom Conrad; Snapchat announced two big names are joining the team. First up, Ali Rana from Millward Brown, is the new head of audience and brand solutions. Second, Gunnard Johnson is the new head of quantitative ad research, he was the advertising research director at Google. These two marketing measurement experts are joing the team as Snapchat has reported the development of new advertiser software tool and app installs. This is all in and effort to get marketers attention and hopefully their money.

Awww, they’ve gotten serious about ads now.

Google Photos announced the arrival of Smarter Albums. Smarter Albums select your best shots from photos taken on a trip, marks the places the photos were taken on a map and how far you traveled. You can make changes to the new album, add captions, and add friends and family to add videos, images and comments.
Facebook is looking to improve user experience for people with disabilities. Improvements include keyboard shortcuts, better closed captioning, eye tracking technology, mouth joysticks and screen readers. This is a big step in improving web access to the 1 billion people with disabilities.
Worried about being impersenated on Facebook by a FRAUD? Calm your nerves — Facebook is working on new security features that will alert users when potential false impersention is happening, so you can lock that up.
Square, the ecommerce platform, began integrating Facebook ad into its customer relationship management system. The move matches Facebook ad targeting with in-store sales… giving customer insight into customer buying habbits and onine content they respond to. “Now your Facebook Ads results and Square sales data are integrated, so you can connect your Facebook marketing budget to actual sales and understand exactly what your customers respond to.”
Pinterest is attempting to grow and be more appealing and useful to users world-wide. A huge focus at Pinterest is how do they make sure the product feels very local for every user in every market around the world? As you can imagine, it’s no easy task. Here is just one example: recipes in the US are measured in cups and ounces are not the metric units common in Europe and Asia. Also, tastes are different around the world. Pinterest has to figure out a way to make the site less American in order to measure up to international expectations.
March 21st was Twitter’s 10th birthday and they celebrated by posting this thank you video. The video is emotional and gives a knod to the 140 characters rigt at the end. There.. did you see it?. It puts to bed the longer character length on Twitter some have hoped for. Jack Dorsey also confirmed on the “Today” show that the 140 is here to stay.
YouTube is readying itself for live streaming. With it’s new app, Connnect, YouTube hopes to jump in on the social live stream race. As the same with Facebook, after you live stream you have the option to post the stream to your YouTube channel. As of now, it’s not fully integratable with other social channels, but soon hope to have the capability to live stream to the likes of Facebook and Twitter.
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