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Ah, it’s New York City in mid March.  Winter is letting go, surrendering its fickle East Coast grasp and there is a delightful hint of spring in the air.  It’s an amazing time to stroll Central Park, browse current MOMA exhibits, watch local “wildlife,” catch some incredible jazz at Birdland, Iridium or The Village Vanguard. I know…let’s grab some sushi in Chinatown, go NOHO Cuban or family style sit-down in Little Italy.

SES New York is an original power-online marketing industry conclave. This is my sixth installment of #SESNY and the fifth year in a row I’ve had the distinct privilege of speaking (Count ‘em, FIVE). So much is different now. So much is the same. Now the falafel stands have Facebook page promotional signs hanging off their stainless steel frames. Social media is a dominant force. SES remains as it ever was. Though we attend about 20 conferences a year, this one is special…something to look forward to every year, evergreen and reliable.

SESNY panel

SES New York is the undisputed Grande Dame Of Online Marketing Conferences. Founded by Danny Sullivan in 1999 when he was Editor of SearchEngineWatch, the American conferences (New York, San Francisco & Chicago) are now lovingly molded by Marilyn Crafts and the Incisive Media team.  We come here to learn what’s new, next, exciting, scary and essential in our field. #SES New York has a stately, dignified luster and history rare in our barely 20 years old Industry.  Ah, SES New York, it’s so good to be back in your arms.

When I first attended SES New York, I covered the conference as a blogger. I started speaking and AIMCLEAR began bringing teams of bloggers to cover in 2008. Since them, we’ve published 86 posts live from this place, not including a number of pre-SES interviews with speakers.  In later years we became more focused on tweeting and other realtime coverage. Over a dozen wonderful writers have graced our coverage over the years. Here’s a retrospective of AIMCLEAR‘s SES New York blog posts, live from the gilded Hilton halls, over the last five years. Watch for our ongoing coverage of this 2012 installment over the next three days.

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SES New York! Grand Lady Of SEM Conferences

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Super Ultimate Link Power Part 2: Search Marketers

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Automating Twitter: Can Humans & Robots Tweet in Harmony?

Jumping Through Hoops: Enterprise Level SEO Tips

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Tips For Targeting Latinos Online: New @ #SESNY

Panda Watch! #SESNY’s Google Spankfest Round Table

Here’s to you SES New York, grand lady of search marketing conferences. You’ve changed over the years, even had a heart transplant in 2008.  Still, the essence of marketers gathered from all over the world and converging in New York is the stuff of history, depth, learning and magical connections.  There is no city in the world like New York and #SESNY remains unique.

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