25 SRSLY Clutch Google AdWords Enhanced Campaign #PPC Blog Posts

Unless you’ve been under a rock for about a week, you already know that Google has evolved AdWords by launching “enhanced campaigns.” Google has taken a step towards making it fundamentally easier for marketers to handle ad campaigns deployed across multiple devices.  There’s a lot of debate out there amongst pros and industry pundits. Some practitioners love it. Others are not so impressed.  This blog post offers a splendid selection of opinions, starting with takes from Google itself.

Enhanced campaigns are easy to think about. Signals like time of day, location, and device idiosyncrasies are easier to handle. Enhanced campaigns consolidate multi-device campaigns, reports and extensions. Optimizing for time and context is a lot more self-contained, as opposed to setting up multiple campaigns, which was standard protocol before the change.There has been a chorus of varying opinions, ranging measured enthusiasm to muted disdain.

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Some think the migration of legacy campaigns could be messy, that this update begins a trend of losing transparency or that CPCs could rise.  Others hail the change as a harbinger of the new blended device universe. Opinions are mixed indeed. Love it or hate it, the enhanced campaigns rollout is at least some kind of game changer as Google herds advertisers into the next generation of AdWords campaign management.  We all have to pay attention and adapt to the new reality. Here are 25 useful reading resources, beginning with big G’s official publications. 

Enhancing AdWords for a constantly connected world  Google Inside AdWords, by Sridhar Ramaswamy

Official Google AdWords Enhanced Ad Campaigns Resources (Downloadable Guide & Webinars)

AdWords Help: About enhanced campaigns

Google’s Enhanced Campaigns Inspire Love, Hate And Hope For The Next Version Search Engine Land by Pamela Parker

Google’s AdWords Update: Are Desktops The New Fax Machines? TechCrunch, by Richard Zwicky

What Google Enhanced Campaigns Changes Mean For Sophisticated Marketers  MediaPost, by Roger Barnette

Google To Force You To Go Mobile With Enhanced Campaigns  PPC Hero, by Sam Owen

Advertisers Say No To Google Enhanced AdWords Campaigns Search Engine Round Table, by Barry Schwartz

Google AdWords overhaul: Good for Google, but businesses cringe ZDNet, by Larry Dignan

New AdWords Enhanced Campaigns Make Display Ads More Relevant  Marketing Pilgrim, by Cynthia Bori

The Big AdWords Update: Enhanced Campaigns Puts The Focus On Mobile Search Engine Land by Ginny Marvin

Google AdWords New Enhanced Campaigns Connect Ads With Multi-Device Consumers Search Engine Watch, by Lisa Raehsler

Enhanced Campaigns: Google Announces Big Changes to Mobile Campaign Management  Search Engine Journal, by Larry Kim

First Reaction to AdWords Enhanced Campaigns  Seer Interactive, by Aaron Levy

AdWords Enhanced Campaigns: Google Announces Big Changes to Mobile Ad Campaign Management  WordStream, by Larry Kim

What do Google’s new AdWords Enhanced Campaigns mean for marketers?  Econsultancy,  by David Moth

Google Redefines Mobile with Adwords Enhanced Campaigns  Yahoo Small Business Advisor, by Chris Horton

Google Enhanced Campaigns: A Flawed Step in the Right Direction  RKG, by Mark Ballard

Mobile Search Advertising Just Got Way Easier: AdWords Enhanced Campaigns  MarketingProfs, by Larry Kim

What Google Enhanced Campaigns Changes And How That Impacts You  Search Engine People, Ron Hutchinson

Google Launches ‘Enhanced Campaigns’ To Manage Cross-Device Campaigns In AdWords  TechCrunch, by Anthony Ha

Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns: The Good, Bad & Uncool  Search Engine Watch, by Alistair Dent

What do Google’s new enhanced campaigns mean for paid search?  TheGuardian, by Simon Jaconson

What Google’s Enhanced Campaigns Mean For Small Businesses WebProNews, By Chris Crum

Why Enhanced Campaigns Aren’t Really An Upgrade Or Improvement  Search Engine Land by Neil Sorenson

So there you have it. No doubt much more will be written about enhanced campaigns.  How do you feel about the change?

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