40 Delightful #MozCon @MartyWeintraub Tweets We <3

We love making new friends alongside longtime pals at conferences. Even after these years, Twitter remains the most vital real-time expression engine amongst industry folks, speakers, friends, very close friends, experts and newbies.

Our founder’s session at this year’s MozCon was called “Ultimate Search and Social Mashup: Expertly Curate Owned Audience Cookie Pools.” He talked a bit about mining merged search and social data to build audience-based cookie pools for performance marketers to exploit.

The Twitter stream was like nothing we’ve ever seen. New relationships were certainly made and old ones codified. The chatter started even before our founder’s session began. We asked Marty to comment on the conference’s top tweets from his session — and he gladly obliged.

Also, our friends at Moz took a number of fun photos of Marty speaking, which are shared in this post as well. Thanks to Moz for the wonderful experience and to all the tweeters involved.

Quote, Just saw that Marty Weintraub is up next. If he's been sampling some of the free coffee in the lobby, we might be in trouble.

Greg Gifford, @GregGifford
MW: Step 1,2,3, SIP, Step 4,5,6 SIP, etc. keeps my hands hot too.

Quote, Brace thyself, Marty Weintraub's triumphant return to Moz Con stage is coming.

Gyi Tsakalakis, @gyitsakalakis
MW: Strap in and let’s MAMBO, man. Come on, I’m just saying. Gimme a YES~!

Quote, Anyone who hasn't seen Marty Weintraub before is about to lost their minds.

Joel Klettke, @JoelKlettke
MW: The fine line between sanity and insanity

Quote, The best and only thing to say right now at Moz Con is Marty, Marty, Marty, Marty, Marty...

imaralph, @ruaralph2
MW: Thank YOU, Thank YOU, Thank YOU

First time seeing Marty Weintraub speak. It's quite the experience. Wonder if he is taking advantage of Seattle's lax laws. LOL

Adam Dince, @AdamDince
MW: LOL, I’m high on life man.

Quote, If yo can't sell it in an elevator, you probably can't sell it online. Marty Weintraub

Shawna Strickland, @shawnalynan
MW: Great marketers are born, not only built.

Quote, I actually think Google takes advice from Marty Weintraub cause they're like, shit, that's brilliant.

Chrissi Reimer, @chrissireimer
MW: Thanks man. We like to think Google listens.

Quote, Curate lists as valuable brand assets to build owned audiences. Marty Weintraub

Kevin Gibbons, @kevgibbo
MW: Yep, curated audience cookie pools are valuable like brand search KWs.

Quote, Filter and target RLSA ads to target your personas & the big spenders. Marty Weintraub

MW: Yes, filtered retargeting is the future.

Quote, Marty Weintraub makes coffee nervous.

Marty makes coffee nervous.

Joe Mac, @MoreThanLite
MW: Tell coffee to take a chill pill.

Marty Weintraub gives me anxiety. My blood pressure is so high right now.

Matthew Decuir, @MattBasically
MW: There is an anxiety theme percolating here. What’s THAT about? I’m a good witch :). I know, listen to Rand whisper.

Quote, Specificity is the enemy of scale. Marty Weintraub

Heather D. Fulton, @heatherdarlenef
MW: Yes, a timeless advertising truth. The more targeted, the fewer people.

Quote, Marty Weintraub adopting your power stance in every meeting and ability to engage a zombies end of day audience.

Fiona Moriarty, @saltnsweet
MW: Making the world safe for SEOs, PPCs and other audiences.

Quote, specificity versus scale, Facebook advertising challenge is finding the right balance between targeting and running out of people. Marty Weintraub

MW: True since way before the Internet.

Marty Weintraub in the spotlight

Quote. Exhibit Marty Weintraub, enough energy to supply electricity to the whole city of Seattle.

Virgina Buechel, @BueWho
MW: Utility man!

Quote, Marty Weintraub why do you need two watches? Are you a time lord?

Joshua Cranmer, @ClassicCranmer
MW: Ark earthling. I’m NOT a fictional, ancient Gallifreyans civilization of a humanoid species. I’m a Minnesota Jew. Close? Maybe.

Quote, Getting dizzy from watching the videographer follow Marty Weintraub as he travels the stage at Moz Con.

Krista Lofgren, @KristasPicks
MW: spotify:artist:7t4XHvWfj0XtEB8SNFeALw 🙂

Marty Weintraub on stage at Moz Con.

Quote, At Moz Con the camera person should get paid overtime to follow Marty Weintraub around.

Brendan Ragan, @raincityceltic
MW: Should have had a GoPro strapped to my head.

Quote, A lot of behaviors in Facebook have money and intent in them. Root personas in Behavior and build from there. Marty Weintraub

Ruth Burr Reedy, @ruthburr
MW: Truth. Many of the Axiom and DataLogix segments cull data like from MasterCard. Root personas in data object mashups of intent and money.

Quote, If you're going to retarget your eCommerce site, why not retarget those that are rich and like to buy that shit? Marty Weintraub

Tricia W, @MarketingTricia
MW: I’m just saying…

Quote, Marty Weintraub Creative is truly the last mile of psychographic segmentation. Preach!

JoAnna Bannon, @jcbannon
MW: Yes, segmentation absent tailored creative is a waste.

Quote, My face when listening to Marty Weintraub at Moz Con. He always makes me nervous.

Matthew Decuir, @MattBasically
MW: Pants too tight?

Quote, I feel like Marty Weintraub is in a totally different dimension.

Jeff Hawley, @searchjeff
MW: You will be assimilated, resistance is futile.

Quote, If you haven't caught on from David Mihm Marty Weintraub Facebook is the greatest market research database that has ever existed.

Kane Jamison, @KaneJamison
MW: Glad to see David so passionate about FB now.

Quote, People - Pay Attention. Marty Weintraub's super secret newsletter is the best newsletter I subscribe to.

MW: SHHHHH. We don’t blog about this. Email me for more information.

Quote, Combine concepts in Marty Weintraub's presentation with Courtney Seiter's for some killer marketing.

Paul Shapiro, @fighto
MW: Courtney rocks.

Quote, How do you decide what business division gets the brand term? Use audiences to make the call. Marty Weintraub

MW: It’s like being a mediator — arbitrate who gets the targeting inventory.

Quote, Social intent is keywords. SEOs are social marketers. integrated campaigns, people. Marty Weintraub

MW: Yes, Culinary tourism” is a more active psychographic segment than “Restaurants.” Look for action words in targeting.

Quote, Look at targeting strengths of each channel, is there anything there that bears a different retargeting treatment? Marty Weintraub

MW: Yes

Quote, Direct response social targeting is what you can filter remarketing with. Marty Weintraub

MW: First, try and reach the KPI with first touch social segments. Then, retarget, filter, rinse, repeat.

Quote, Targeting and distribution aren't the remarketing problem anymore. It's the creative that closes the deal. Marty Weintraub

MW: Targeting is empirical. distribution is ubiquitous. Following (retargeting) is absolute. Creative is the new black, back to the future.

Quote, I don't know where Marty Weintraub came from but he is a hoot. You do you Marty.

Chelsea Scholz, @ChelseaScholz
MW: I come from Massachusetts, live in MN.

Quote, 10 minutes with Marty Weintraub is better than 37 cups of coffee.

Michael Moshkovich, @emikey
MW: Thank you Thank you More Coffee Thank you Thank you.

Quote, Marty Weintraub is as good as advertised.

Ronell Smith, @RonellSmith
MW: Aww, thanks.

Quote, After listening to Marty Weintraub speak two things happen. One you're excited about life. Two you desperately want to be his friend.

Trenton Greener, @TrentonGreener
MW: <3. I’m excited too and, yes, we are friends.

Quote, There should be a standup comedy night at Moz Con headlined by Marty Weintraub.

Dev Basu, @devbasu
MW: Did ya hear the one about…. BadaBING! YES!

Quote, Rand Fishkin the Marty Weintraub whisperer.

Adam Koontz, @adamkoontz
MW: This one makes us smile. It alludes to Rand hopping up on the podium and speaking with me, just like in 2012. Except, everyone knows this year that what we talked about in 2012 is how the Internet turned out to be.

Marty Weintraub and Rand Fishkin talking.

Quote, I'll have whatever Marty Weintraub had before he took stage.

Brian Provost, @brianprovost
MW: Coffee, jogging, great sleep, amazing audience.

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