AIMCLEAR/Clix Times SQ SchmoozeFest Tonight!

Here we are again at SearchEngineStrategies New York. From the Philharmonic to ChinaTown, this big city is the apple of my eye. A couple of times a  year, when our friend PPC Expert David Szetela (Clix Marketing) and I are speaking at the same conference, we have a little gathering with our industry friends.

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Those lucky enough to be sporting the cliche’ orange wristbands are going to enjoy lovely camaraderie, frightening anecdotes, “forgettable finger food” and an enjoy (yet another) awesome upstairs Times SQ Schmooze Fest NYC experience. Of course, we’ll be giving away SearchWiki Lamesauce T-Shirts. Life is grand.

Watch for more posts from today’s SES sessions later tonight. For now, heading to the shindig.

This 4th Edition SchmoozeFest threatens to solidify its reputation as an all out BLAST of new and old friends. Really over the last couple of years there have been some priceless previous installments- Seatttle, New York and Santa Clara.

If you’ve recieved an invitation, you allready know it and we’ll see ya’ there. 🙂 If you have not, then it’s not too late to ping me via Facebook, Twitter (@aimclear). Also you can grab Matt, Manny, Nam or Peter. They’re probably out of wristbands-but ask them to call me. Later…Everyone be responsable, safe & healthy tonight.

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