542 Clever Pinterest Board Titles & Tips For Ostensibly Boring Brands

AIMCLEAR staff in a Pinterest board title brainstorming session

It’s a dilemma many brands face: you want to kick it on the hottest social media platform, but don’t quite know how to fit in. Case in point: Pinterest, and companies with product lines outside the realm of fashionable clothes, adorable cupcakes, crafty DIY goodies, kittens, etc.

If your company is finding it a tricky task to think up creative Pinterest Board ideas, you are not alone, my friend. Last month, we explored some top-notch advice for how less than sexy brands can rock Pinterest with a variety of case studies from across the web. Now, we’re taking it a step further with even more key tips and tricks for awesome pin board topics and titles.

To kick things off, let’s review the basics. We must not forget the power of:

1. Creative & Catchy Pinterest Board Titles
2. Board descriptions
3. Pin Descriptions

Let’s first take a look at the Children’s Hospital of Phoenix, AZ who’s Pin Pulse, (how well…or not so well… a company is leveraging the channel for businesses) is steady strong.

The Children's Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona's Pinterest Board

Creative & Catchy Pinterest Board TitlesExample of Pinterest Boards where the titles are too long to show what the board is about. Tip: Make titles shorter.

Creative pin board titles are essential for getting attention! Board titles are the first thing a user will see when they visit your Pinterest page. The two pin boards above are from the Children’s Hospital in Phoenix, AZ and showcase artwork around the hospital and bald fashion dolls for children. Both of these boards are bold and truly intriguing ideas that would make me want to click into it and look around.

Pin Tips:

  • Make sure to pick the most visually appealing photo for the board cover image.
  • Be sure the pin board titles aren’t too long. If they are, they’ll be truncated with elipses… not the most aesthetically appealing!

Pinterest Board Descriptions

Here’s an example from my personal Pinterest account. When creating your board, don’t forget to pay mind to the Board description!Be sure to add a Description to your Pinterest Board. The title of a Pinterest board is followed by the description at the top of the page.

When a user clicks into one of your boards, they’ll see the board description, right under your board title. This prime real estate offers you 500 characters, with which you can explain what your board is about. You can say a lot in 500 characters, so take advantage! Tell people why you created this board; what makes it important, what’s the incentive to click around? You can even take this opportunity to discuss your company and how it relates to the pinned content therein.

Pin Tip:

  • Add a category to your board. When you do this, you are setting yourself up to get seen more as people are able to search for pins by category.

Pin Description

The most important thing you do when creating a pin is utilizing the description area.Pro Tip: Utilize the description area.Again, you are given 500 characters to describe the photo and why you are pinning it. This is so important, because for SEO purposes this is how users searching in the search box might find your pin within Pinterest.Examples of Pins by Phoenix's Children Hospital shows their outdoor garden area and main lobby.
If a person typed in Phoenix Hospital into the search box, these pins would most certainly show up in the results!

Pin Tip:

  • You can add a link into the description! Why not? Point someone towards a valuable, relevant resource!

But What The Heck Should I Pin For My Company?!

Now that we covered three important pin tips, the trickiest thing to tackle when a company ops in for a Pinterest page is coming up with Awesome Pin Boards! We had a creative brainstorm session and came up with fun board titles for a few less than sexy industries, for which pins of cats and wedding ideas might not be the most appropriate…

Take and use these for your own company if it applies to you! Read on and use what you please! We had a blast putting this together and we hope you have fun with it, too. 🙂 (And, alright, there aren’t literally 542 ideas, but there’s a bunch to behold!)

Bonus Pinning Tips To Remember:

  • Saturday morning is said to be the best time to pin of the week. That is when most users are on Pinterest.
  • Try and pin one original content piece a day to drive users back to your website.
  • ADD VALUE! Give your users something of value to them, whether it be a deal on a shirt or an educational video.

Pinterest Board Title Character Count Tip:

  • Approx 24 characters- if you use lower case

Non Profit Organizations

  • Raise Awareness!
  • Fundraisers we Admire
  • Help Those in Need
  • Make A Change
  • Take a Stance Today
  • Community Power!
  • Words of Wisdom
  • Inspirational Impacts
  • Amazing Stories From You!
  • Create a Community
  • Tell Your Story
  • Show the Impact
  • Watch Us In Action (videos)
  • Eventful! / [Name of certain event coming up]
  • Spiritual Peace
  • The Children, The Farmers, etc. (whomever the organization impacts)
  • Why We Are Here
  • Information / Be Prepared
  • Learn More Here! (media videos & or blog posts)
  • Meet Our Team / Join Our Team
  • Through The Years (history of organization)

Welding / Machinery / Construction

  • Possible With Welding!
  • Weld Like A Pro
  • The Wonders of Welding
  • DIY! Welding YOU Can Do
  • Safety First!
  • Welding Way Back!
  • Quality Workmanship
  • What We Weld
  • Custom Fab
  • History of Welding & Us!
  • Industries We Service
  • Watch Us Weld
  • WOW! Before & After’s
  • On The Job With Us!
  • Success Stories & Testimonials
  • Trusty Testimonials
  • Torching It
  • So Hot
  • Hot Stuff!
  • How Tan Can You Get!
  • Want to Work With Us?
  • Employee of the Week
  • [insert name} Bruce’s Tip of the Week


  • Put This In Your Mouth
  • World’s Favorite Dentists! (whether it is a dentist from your office, or take it further and post famous dental scenes from movies, books, pop culture, etc.)
  • Fun Dental Gadgets
  • The Future of Dental!
  • Dental Diaries (Useful blog posts)
  • Dental in High-Def (dental tutorial, teach people something type videos)
  • Our Dental Dream Team!
  • Amazing Low-Sugar Recipes / No Sugar For You
  • Awful Celeb Smiles
  • I want That Smile!
  • Winning celeb smiles!
  • Mouth Art
  • I’m Glad It’s 2012 (vintage/historical Dental Gadgets)
  • Visit Our Office / Take an Office Tour


  • Info-graphics (somehow related to money)
  • Accounting Attire
  • Accounting Memes
  • Number Crunchers
  • Tales of Finance (blog posts, related content)
  • Tremendous Taxes! (tax tips, stories, etc.)
  • LOL Tax Moments (funny tax related stories)
  • They Spent How Much $! (Crazy celeb spending gossip)
  • What Accounts Like To Do (have a board about what your company likes! Humanize your company!)
  • Accountant Humor
  • Gifts to & or From Accountants


  • Memegasm (Pin All The Memes!)
  • Remember When…
  • Cubicle Garnishes
  • Minecraft References
  • Torso Sheaths (Geek Threads)
  • 8bit Something or Other (Chiptunes)
  • Silver Screen Geeks
  • Virtual Reality
  • Geek Music
  • Geek Video Games
  • Geek Speak (l33t speak!)
  • Go With These Gadgets
  • Infographics
  • Office Space
  • Our End of the 100meg Fiber
  • The Typing Room
  • 9-5 Distractions
  • Retro Gadgets
  • The IT Center (educational videos)
  • Products On Sale (If you are a product based business have a sale pin board)
  • Use Us / Learn From The Pros (Service based businesses can have a services board)

Medical Industry

  • Favorite Medical TV Shows / Movies
  • Medical Miracles (awesome inventions, vaccines, etc.)
  • The Doctor Says… (Useful Medical blogs/articles)
  • Healthy, Happy YOU
  • Does A Body Good (Healthy Foods & Recipes)
  • Stylin’ Scrubs
  • Always Remembered / Forever Loved (dedication to lost loved Ones)
  • We Work Here
  • Be In The Know… (informative tips, videos, articles)
  • We LOVE Our Nurses
  • Day Brighteners
  • Visit Our Hospital/Office
  • Artwork Around Our Digs
  • Daily Inspiration
  • The Future of Medical
  • Awesome Inventions

There you have it folks! We hope you enjoy these Pinterest board titles and concept ideas and can gain some insight from these ideas for your own company Pinterest page. Happy pinning 🙂

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