8 Reasons Why We Never Miss SES New York!

New York City

Search Engine Strategies New York is an annual conclave of rare depth and importance.  In search marketing, channels evolve at blazing speed and staying relevant is an intense and ongoing process.  As part of our commitment to stay cutting-edge-current, AIMCLEAR team members hit the road for about 80 days of training each year. SES New York is on the shortest-list of must-attend seminars we would simply never miss. Here’s why:

5000 Marketers On A Mission
As robust as social media connections can be, there is absolutely no substitute for in-person networking. It’s not an exaggeration to say that AIMCLEAR‘s SES participation has been a key building block to our knowledge and growth.  The assortment of industry peers, new friends, human resources, agencies, vendors, speakers & bloggers is stunning.

ses attendees

I’m always astonished to find so many kindred professionals so willing to share, prognosticate, network and party.  We’d never miss Search Engine Strategies New York, if only for the opportunity to feel part of such a close-knit and powerful community.  Look around the room. These are among the most plugged-in and gracious Internet marketers on earth. I’ve made life-long friends, partners & clients at SES.

Critically Important Topics
Really, it’s a matter of survival. A commitment to attend Search Engine Strategies New York is  assurance that your search marketing team will stay relevant. The content is cutting edge. Whatever your bag, you can fill it with goodies here. Dive into best-in-class training to move your SEO, PPC, Reputation Management, Social Media, Social PPC, video, strategy, tools and tactics to the next level.

We’d never miss SES New York because there are so few places to find such deep training, all under one tent. Search industry players tend to hold major announcements for release at SES New York.  In 2008 Google verified that personal search had, in fact, been dialed-in. Attending SES means being part of the industry news cycle, rather observing from afar.


Seriously Relevant Tracks
Each day features themed sessions segmented into “tracks,” this year’s SES Tracks are: Search Fundamentals, Beyond the Crawlers, Search Analytics, The State of Search, Search on the Edge, Search Fundamentals, News & Advertising, Business Track, Geek Speak, OMS Track, Search & Social, Hybrid, Advanced Issues, Geek Track & Clinics. Obviously it would be mistake to miss SES New York. There are very few places in the entire world to find this specialized a concentration of topical matter.

AIMCLEAR is Speaking!
I’ll have the pleasure of speaking on the Advanced Keyword Research panel.  Moderated by Jon Myers, SES Advisory Board & Head of Search/Associate Director, Mediavest, my fellow speakers are Yigal Elnekave, Senior Product Manager, Search Advertising Strategy, Microsoft Advertising, Christine Churchill, President, KeyRelevance, Marcus Tandler, CEO, Creativity in Action.

Picture of Marty Weintraub

This session is going to be a burner folks, packed with advanced concepts for building targeted keyword lists whilst providing a basket of practical tools and techniques. We look forward to seeing you at 4:15 -5:15 of Thursday March 25th.

Awesome Speakers List
The SES New York speaker’s list is a veritable who’s-who in search marketing.  It’s rare to see such a glittering gathering of thought leaders, vendors, up-and-comers and representative of the engines themselves.

ses speakers

What’s most striking is how incredible approachable the speakers are.  Somehow they always seem to find time to chat it up with attendees. Meet your favorite practitioners, bloggers and thought-leaders in person.

New York Hilton Venue
The New York Hilton is one of the coolest hotels in the world. Smack-dab in the middle of Mid-Town Manhattan, it’s only steps to Times Square, Radio City Music Hall, Rockefeller Center, Broadway, Central Park, killer shopping and (of course) the best selection of eateries anywhere in the world.

New York Hilton

The grand ballrooms, striking concourses and ornate decorations whisper memories of America’s opulent renaissance.  This hotel is my personal favorite conference location in the world.

Next Gen’ Keynotes
The keynotes promise to be extraordinary David Meerman Scott Author, World Wide Rave: Creating Triggers that Get Millions of People to Spread Your Ideas… Avinash Kaushik, Author, Blogger, Analytics Evangelist, Google. Yusuf Mehdi Senior Vice President of the Online Audience Business, Bing. I’m particularly excited about seeing Avninash speak. His approach to analytics is nearly Zen for those in the know. Don’t miss this chance to see him debut in his first SES NY Keynote.

The City of New York
Never miss a chance to hang out in NYC!  To walk the streets and look around is to discover America’s architectural roots.  The people are an amazing rainbow, a melting pot of what world was and has become.

Times Sq

The restaurant options are stunning, including always-vital China Town & Little Italy fare, Korean, Afghan, South American, Cuban, Kosher and just about every other ethnic permutation imaginable.  Museums, attractions, theater, and music…from neighborhood to neighborhood, the opportunity to experience NYC is always golden.

See You There!
There are many excellent reasons to attend SES New York and we never miss it.  Gather all the information your team needs in one sitting and make life-long associations.  Keep current on rapidly changing trends and tools to keep the team relevant. Partake in New York City’s splendor. We look forward to seeing you there.

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