A Marketer’s Field Guide To Facebook English Speaking Users

There are over 120 million English speaking Facebook users in America, over the age of 14. From the United Kingdom down to India, over to New Zealand, across Australia and beyond, significant populations in many nations also speak English as an official language and are active on Facebook.

We’ve studied FB penetration in countries around the world where English is one of the official state languages. We found there are over 85 million additional English speaking Facebook users, outside America.  Understanding the distribution and foundational demographic breakouts (males, females, ages, etc…) of  English speaking user-concentrations worldwide can be seriously valuable for scaling campaigns internationally.

We’ll kick the series off later today with Population Graph: Where Are Facebook English Speaking Users? Then each day for the rest of this week, we’ll post one or more articles offering English speaking demographic breakouts of other countries for marketers to target Facebook ads.

In observance of AIMCLEAR‘s SMX London speaking engagement, tomorrow’s country-specific post will be the UK: Marketing to Facebook English Speaking Users. We hope you enjoy the series!

Archived Series Posts

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