Advertisers Rejoice! LinkedIn Ads Announces New Campaign Manager

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Posted on July 29th, 2015

Advertisers welcome the switch to the new LinkedIn campaign manager. LinkedIn has lagged behind the likes of Facebook and Twitter for years in terms of platform functionality. Recently, they decided to step up their game, and (truly) we could not be happier!

Here, we’ll dive in to the NEW LinkedIn layout and expound upon updated features.

Updates & New Functions:

LinkedIn has updated the overall ad platform structure to better fit user needs. Now, advertisers are able to view all accounts in one easy to view location:


Then, drill into each account to simply view performance activity on this beautiful performance dashboard with all necessary metrics for easy analysis:


Say goodbye to page upon page of campaign names! LinkedIn has compressed all campaigns into one ongoing list, which now includes search functionality – yahoo! Its quick, effective AND saves time (& headaches… ) not to mention it does away with the extra time it takes to load each new page.


This dashboard also allows users to view performance details, social actions and budget info with a handy toggle view. The functionality does not yet exist to make changes to budget directly from the dashboard, but rather takes you to the budget section of the ad builder. We would LOVE to see this dashboard/budget feature added in the future (*hint hint).


LinkedIn now gives you the ability to export current views to CSV. For example, if users utilize the search function to find a specific campaign, they can then simply hit ‘Download’ and LI automatically chooses date ranges that encompass paid traffic.



Campaign/Ad Builder
Moving on, this little tour takes us through the campaign/ad builder. LinkedIn has taken time to streamline this process, and in turn has done away with much of the dreaded time spent waiting for each page to load. This process is now clear and concise, with an easy toggle function between performance, ads, audiences, and bids and budgets. In addition, the campaign on/off button is conveniently located on each page for quick launching capabilities.


In the ad tab, finding available sponsored content is very intuitive:


Meanwhile, creating new sponsored content (or direct sponsored content) is just as easy!


The audience tab has been gloriously simplified. Advertisers can now select targeting criteria — with no hassle at the bottom of the page — and fill in each category as needed. The “estimated targeting audience” view has changed slightly — users are now given an audience range, instead of exact targeted numbers.


Bids, Budgeting & Ad Scheduling
Bids and budgeting are in a similar format to before, however, the feature now includes ad scheduling! You can add a campaign start date, which allows you to schedule your launch for a future date.


Hold on to your hats, everybody! These new audience insights will blow you away! LinkedIn has enabled users to see a detailed view of the user psychographics that are interacting with each ad. These insights are available at the account, campaign and creative level.


Well there you have it, folks. We hope you enjoy this platform update as much as we do! To learn more, check out yesterday’s announcement from LinkedIn. Happy advertising!

Image Copyright: wavebreakmedia

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  • AJ Wilcox

    Great synopsis! My favorite part is that toggling ads and campaigns on and off no longer results in a page refresh. Huge time saver for bulk operations!

    • Gretchen Gautreaux

      Thanks, AJ! There are tons of new time saving updates – hope you have fun checking them out!

  • Linda Leung

    From those of us at LinkedIn, thank you for advertising with us! Here’s to more features in the future and keep the feedback coming. We’re listening!

    • Gretchen Gautreaux

      Thanks, Linda! We’re excited for these changes, and look forward to more in the future. We appreciate you taking the time to listen to our feedback!

  • Jason James

    These updates look great, are they only being rolled out in the US currently as I’m not seeing them in my ads manager in the UK?

  • Ben Culbert

    Looks like a lot of needed improvements. I didn’t see any mention of conversion pixels. Anyone hear any rumblings about that yet? We’ve run into a couple situations where it would have been a good backup data source for GA tagging.

    • Merry Morud

      Conversion (& retargeting pixels) — we’ve asked for these too :). Hopefully they’ll add pixels (& third-party “BIG data”!) in their next roll out of new features!
      Stay tuned, Ben!