AIMCLEAR Adds Martech Mega-Talent Michelle Robbins to the Team

AIMCLEAR Adds Martech Mega-Talent Michelle Robbins to the Team

Greetings friends, from the tranquil Bavarian countryside. I’m with marvelous colleagues from around the world at SEOktoberfest, this year at the Stanglwirt resort complex nestled in the Austrian Alps. 

Marty Weintraub and Michelle Robbins pose for a selfie.I’m here with my longtime SEOktoberfest sister Michelle Robbins. Today we have the exciting assignment to tell the world that Michelle is the newest member of the AIMCLEAR team! (Cue the trumpets, release the doves, launch the fireworks!) BOOM!

Michelle joins AIMCLEAR to fill a newly minted position, Vice President of Product Innovation. Michelle is already AIMCLEAR family. We’ve been interacting for over a decade, and know each other well.  

I’ve gotten to know many marketing superstars in the 12+ years since we launched AIMCLEAR, and I’m so excited because Michelle is a standout. She joins the incomparable talent we’ve added to our team roster over the last year. This version of AIMCLEAR is a rocket ship, helping some of the coolest brands in the world solve complex challenges with verve and innovation.

We’ll make a formal announcement about Michelle in a news release that will go out soon, but I’m spilling the beans here first for our industry friends.

Here’s the deal: Michelle is a known talent, merging fabulous marketing chops with a decades-deep data and martech pedigree. She’s a rare mashup of innovative talent,  proven industry leadership, and a friend-to-many all in one. Michelle will push AIMCLEAR‘s organization as we build out our already robust suite of martech, data, and marketing tools.  

The Next Logical Step
We’ve been doing some super cool shit with integrated data, blurring lines between causation and correlation, linking variables that were invisible to marketers in previous years. Making Michelle an AIMCLEAR‘ian is one of those decisions that just makes sense and will guide how we merge data science, marketing technology, innovations, and products to do more award-winning pioneering stuff – to build on what we’ve accomplished. 

She’s a smart full-stack engineer — an applied functionality whiz with PHP, SQL, Python and all the other coding languages. At the same time, Michelle expands the AIMCLEAR stable of industry thought leaders as a consummate writer, conference presenter, teacher, sage, and marketing shaman known industry-wide. You’ve read her great content on the Third Door Media digital properties where,  before her departure, Michelle rose to editor-in-chief.

Michelle Robbins has experienced  the evolution of digital marketing from the beginning, inside and out, the whole ride.  

We’ve been methodically reimagining what AIMCLEAR will look like for the next decade. Tons of agencies have gone by the wayside over the years. Many enjoyed a short period of being great, but got commoditized into oblivion. Not us. 

Michelle joins AIMCLEAR as a component of an exciting equation. Other industry veterans Susan Wenograd and Mark Traphagen joined us about a year ago, and we just elevated Susan to CMO. We’ve been steadily growing emergent thought leaders embodied by consummate pros like Megan, Daniel, Stephanie, Tim, Matt, Lea, and a number of other massive marketers.

Michelle will work directly with Susan and Joe Warner, our longstanding, badass CTO. Leadership has first moves mapped out. You’ll be hearing a lot more from Michelle and our other marketing savants in the months ahead. Just know that as AIMCLEAR founder, I’m as energized as I’ve ever been.

Next stop is Pubcon where Susan, Michelle, Mark, and I will all be presenting or keynoting in various capacities. Can’t wait to see many of you there. Stay tuned!

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