AIMCLEAR‘s Community Management Master Class: Complete #SMX Agenda Sneak Peek!

Last month, we revealed to you that our nationally-embraced Facebook Marketing Intensive workshop, hosted from coast to coast by SMX, was undergoing some exciting evolutions. Revamped and renamed, we’re taking you back to school with our SMX West, held annually in sunny San Jose, California. Mark your calendars for the official launch: Thursday, March 14, 2013 at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center.

aimclear-cmmc-logoWe’re pleased to share with you here a deep look at the modules that compose our full-day workshop. It’s packed to the gills with killer insight, insider hacks and tips, and actionable tactics you can begin implementing straight away.

Read on module descriptions and a special discount code to save 10% on your ticket 🙂 . (Before we forget – Early Bird Rates expire this coming Friday, 2/1 – so register now for your best price on a seat at the table!)

Okay, first thing’s first…

The Discount!
Upon registering for either the workshop or the entire show, key in our exclusive discount code to save 10% off your final price! This discount doesn’t expire, so even if you don’t register until last minute, it’s still good! (But careful, she’s a-case-sensitive!): WS-CMMC10

The Curriculum
As you may already know, AIMCLEAR Founder & Evangelist Marty Weintraub (@AIMCLEAR) and yours truly, Lauren Litwinka (@beebow), recently wrote a book together: The Complete Social Media Community Manager’s Guide: Essential Tools and Tactics for Business Success (Wiley/Sybex 2013). It was an incredible experience, and the end-result exceeded our expectations.

The Complete Social Media Community Manager's Guide

We feel so strongly about the data, tutorials, and teachings within this book, we decided to basically take it on the road. Yes, the curriculum of the Community Management Master class is built straight from the table of contents. It’s like making a record, and then going on tour. (Roadies not required.)

The Speakers
Your hosts with the most(s) will be, Marty, myself, and AIMCLEAR FB Ads pro, Merry Morud. Get ready to rock.

Marty-Weintraub        Merry Morud

The Modules
AIMCLEAR® Community Management Master Class is all about arming community managers and companies hiring community managers with a complete arsenal of knowledge and tools. We will transform ordinary CMs into super-savvy-master-ninja-data-driven CMs. This is an 8-hour crash course in everything you need to know about managing and measuring corporate assets and brand reputation in social media.

Hungry for a closer look at our workshop agenda? Here is what you’ll take away from the Community Management Master Class:

  • Part 1: The Social Media Community Manager’s Role. Here, we will lay the groundwork for our day of fun. Before we can explore how to be a great community manager, we have to know what that job description actually means. Community managers are tasked with a fusion of oodles of responsibilities that, in the past, were delegated across many different departments, either in-house or outsourced at agencies. In this module, we’ll identify and define the role of today’s social media community manager so we can then understand how to rock the house.
  • Part 2: Timeless Tenets of Non-Gratuitous Social Behavior. This module tours through universal best practices community managers must embody in order to help ensure business success. CMs are responsible for representing a brand in social media, and engaging with its online community. What are the rules of engagement? How can you foster camaraderie and encourage conversation? Is it lame to plug your own products, services, or content? Simply put: “How should you act in social media?” We’ll answer those burning questions here, supported by many a case study.
  • Part 3: Hit The Ground Running. We ain’t kidding. In this section, we’ll don our business hats and learn how to create a scope of work (SOW) and devise budget requests. You’ll master technical terminology that will help you  successfully sell social media to the C-suite. Get ready to sound super smart and take control of the board room!
  • Part 4: Content, Reputation and Hard Core Listening Hacks. One of the most important elements to community management is content. Aggregating, creating, sharing – and the best tips and tactics to tackle it all. This module will teach you how to efficiently leverage user-generated content to better aid reputation monitoring and strategic content distribution for maximum engagement.
  • Part 5: Finding Themed Conversations: The Superior CM’s Edge. Another crucial pilar of community management is conversations – ones that are happening about your brand as well as those happening with your brand. (Not to mention competitors!) This section offers an array of techniques to identify, assess, and participate in conversations surrounding your target audience members and their interests. We’ll also explore offers best-content-on-the-block sharing tips so you never run the risk of pushing out too much branded content and not enough third-party goodies.
  • Part 6: Dominate Distribution With Paid Tactics. We’re rolling up our sleeves and digging deep into the paid side of earned social channels. Get ready for a top-down look at the hottest social channels and the dynamic advertising options they offer. Learn tips to make paid campaigns in social totally scream, reach a wider and truly relevant audience, not to mention learn how to avoid being a spammy jerkwad.
  • Part 7: Community Crisis Management. Social media ain’t all sunshine and pussycats. That’s why we created a master field guide to the tougher times on the job – namely, social media crises and conflicts. From tips for establishing a crisis protocol and implementing house rules for branded social spaces, to schools of thought on removing negative comments and banning fans, even additional tricks for maintaining a cool head and a steady blood pressure. It’s pretty much everything you need when the social sh*t hits the fan. (Elbow-guards and helmets not included.)
  • Part 8: Measuring Success! State of the Art Social Metrics. Nothing you do in social media matters if you don’t measure your efforts and their effects. In our final session, we’ll explore the sea of social analytic tools available on the web, both free and enterprise. We’ll take a look at the most important types of metrics to check and offer tips for optimized brand and campaign monitoring.

That’s all she wrote (here), but the full effect can only be felt by attending this workshop in the flesh 🙂 . If you can’t make it to San Jose in March, we’ll be bringing the Community Management Master Class to SMX Sydney (April), SMX Advanced in Seattle (June), and SMX East in the Big Apple (October). We hope to see you at one, if not all (who knows?!) of these awesome event. Until then – don’t hesitate to reach out to Marty, myself, or the SMX crew with any questions you may have. Cheers!

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