AIMCLEAR Hiring Freelance Blogger(s)

AIMCLEAROur content creation practice warrants staffing in-house and/or remote free-lance blogger(s) who are adept (chameleon-like) at researching geographic & niche-specific topics. The end-deliverable is copyright clear original content as specified by one of our SEM account managers & seasoned by your applied creativity. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? 🙂

Required skills include excellent grammar, an understanding of (or ability to learn) outbound linking/bread-crumbing tactics, willingness to blog as a “persona,” colorful vocabulary, ironic wit, and unfettered love of the English language & Internet. Some content may be fairly edgy so have a love and tolerance for folks different than yourself. Be wicked smart.

If you’re a rock star in your own head (or the real world) that’s great, so long as you understand that AIMCLEAR takes an integrated and holistic team approach. This is work for hire where the “voices” are branded avatars our clients own. Pay is commensurate with writing, blogging and/or link-baiting experience. Please respond to marty @ AIMCLEAR . com.

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