AIMCLEAR Proudly Expands to Historic Lowertown, St. Paul

St. Paul’s historic Lowertown district matured from the city’s “Lower Landing” on the Mississippi River to a thriving national warehouse and distribution center. Lowertown’s goods were shipped to businesses throughout the burgeoning upper Midwest from 1880-1920. Many period-defining buildings were designed by nationally celebrated architects and still adorn the area.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983, St. Paul city leaders created “The Lowertown Heritage Preservation District.” Today venerable Lowertown has become a vital urban conclave, ringed by multinational businesses, restaurants and loft apartments.  Hundreds of millions in urban redevelopment surround scenic Mears Park.

AIMCLEAR is extremely proud to call Lowertown our second home. Our footprint now spans two cities, as the new space is in addition to our Canal Park Duluth office. Recently, as the season’s first snow started to fly, I snapped a few pictures of the new ‘hood to share.

Our new space is at 366 Waucota St. on the corner of 5th.  The dedicated entrance leads to a spacious slice of a renovated mixed-use building renamed The Cosmopolitan, and is punctuated by a green awning.  Like so many lovely buildings we’ve seen in Boston, New York, Chicago and San Fransisco, there are gorgeous  apartments in other parts of the building.

We love the view of Mears Park,  from the top of our front steps. It reminds me so much of a miniature Boston Common.

Anytime of the year, Mears Park is a cool place to hang out–a square block, laced with pathways, gardens, fountains and all sorts of funky folks that run the gamut. Let’s head up the stairs to the new digs. The Cosmo’ was originally the Finch, Van Slyck and McConville Dry Goods Company, designed by James E Denson and built by George Grant Construction Company in 1911 and 1923. It’s a classical revival industrial edifice.

Look to your right as you climb the stairs.

See Lindsay, Molly, Kathy, our cool client and me working inside? 🙂 Let’s go back outside. We’ll save the interior tour for another day.  Soon we’ll be announcing a series of gallery exhibits in our space, featuring brilliant local artists.  Suffice to say that the office is completely beautiful.  As I came off the road from New York, San Fransisco, Chicago, London, Miami and Las Vegas, It felt amazing to realize that I’m President of a company with an office as inspiring as this, and in such a cool city.

Lowertown is quickly evolving into a foodie destination. The Bulldog is a popular downtown worker lunch spot. Try “The Monster pastrami,” stuffed with  smoked turkey and roast beef served Pittsburgh style topped with cheddar, provolone, shredded lettuce, tomato, house-made cole slaw, and killer fries.

Barrio has the most serious tequila menu we’ve seen anywhere in the world, including Mexico.

Check out the Salsa Verde. Dude, it’s totally killer…no kidding.

We’ll share more about other lowertown restaurants as we get to know them. We promise. Also we’re literally steps from the Farmer’s Market.

AIMCLEAR was super proud to be featured in a on-site display at the Chamber of Commerce, as part of the Lowertown renaissance.

We’re so very pleased to play our small part in reviving such a sweet city neighborhood mashup. The skywalk provides total access to St. Paul’s downtown indoor grid.  We’re excited to meet other area businesses.

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