AIMCLEAR Seeks Chief Technical Officer

Our search marketing agency, AIMCLEAR, is hiring a CTO in our Duluth, Minnesota office. The successful candidate will have experience enough to install and maintain our Apache & Windows servers & applications. The position is full time with benefits.

By concept our CTO position is hands-on. Daily responsibilities include local and remote server maintenance, making text and graphic changes to client websites, application development/modification, mastery of third party email programs, installation, hosting, and maintenance of open source applications, maintaining firm’s employee computers, and researching technology solutions.

He or she will build on what we’ve already accomplished make recommendations and implement solutions regarding the the infrastructure of the office, our clients web properties, and organization of other digital assets. Our office environment is progressive and comfortable. It is probable our CTO will travel to search marketing conferences for networking and education.

aimclearGo to the head of the class if you like to rip apart open source applications and get them to do interesting new things. Experience with WordPress or Dupal a plus. You’ll be up excited late at night if you love data and analytics. Be prepared to keep track of and be the technical master for dozens of sites, databases, and ISPs. Be highly organized, savor a fast pace, handle pressure.

Read carefully: this position requires a candidate who is functionally literate in .php, mySQL, Apache server, Windows Server 2003, Dreamweaver, My PHP Admin, CPanel, Fireworks, Plesk, LAMP setups, PHP, Javascript, ASP, CSS, and MS Office, ((Bachelor’s degree or specialized trade degree) + (drive for excellence) + (experience)) = Wage. This is a good opportunity in a huge field. Every AIMCLEAR team member also participates in social communities.

We’re open to giving an ultra smart, ultra talented, cutting edge creative technician a cool first-job in the search marketing industry. Salary is commensurate with experience. Given that this is Duluth, we would take a look at an amazing about-to-graduate college senior.

Duluth is a world class wilderness gateway and a great place to live, especially if you like winter sports :). Seriously, half the year is paradise and the fishing is KILLER.

Please email resumes to marty (at) Please don’t send outsourcing pitches. The job is in-house.

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