AIMCLEAR to Attend SMX Local & Mobile

Local and Mobile search comprise a massive search marketing frontier. Most marketplace pundits predict that ad-spends will rise to $8 billion by the year 2010. It’s still the Wild West, home on the range, with numerous platforms springing up every month. Frontline technologies are maturing at blazing speeds and it’s critical not to be left eating dust.

Shootout At the O.K. Corral
The major search engines and online directories all have guns drawn are they’re taking aim at heaps of glittering gold. Other niche-contenders are circling the wagons. They too are bent on staking out product and service segments. Factor in the ambitions of mobile carriers and you’ve got the makings of an epic hoedown.

SMX Local Mobile Denver 2007 will focus on enhancing “ad-spending ROI by identifying customers poised to buy when using location-aware technologies”, new techniques for “achieving optimal organic results“, utilizing location specific data to ” facilitate in-store purchases”, and “fostering an entire ecosystem aimed at simplifying online marketing and making it more accessible for local and vertically-focused businesses”.

Mastering local and mobile advertising is essential for agencies and in-house search-marketers alike to better serve clients and stay ahead of the competition. We’re looking forward to sharing information gained with our clients.

SMX Local & Mobile Denver 2007 will be chaired by search marketing experts Chris Sherman and Greg Sterling. These industry veterans are well worth the trip to Denver. Drop us a note if you’re planning on attending SMX Local & Mobile Denver 2007 so we can connect.

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