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Search moves at the speed of light, so staying current is crucial.  This list of over 1,500 search industry articles, ideas, tweets, tool reviews, notes, snippets and snark is our 2009 internal agency-training library of  content. The AIMCLEAR team has embraced systemic review of this “Daily Training List” and it’s a cool part of the routine.

This mutual commitment to reading helps our shop keep a fresh awareness of current developments and is an important component of our training. We often discuss these posts as a group informally, and refer back to them as resources. I personally revisit the archive, send links to clients,  tweet, etc… It takes hours every day to read this much and we’ve found a lot of value in keeping discoveries in the link roundup format. Try searching this page for anything that happened in search last year and chances are you’ll find a useful resource.

We’ve decided to publish last year’s daily training notes for two reasons: First we want to gratefully acknowledge the bloggers and publications we depend on each day.  I’d like send special thanks to Barry Schwartz, the DailySearchCap,  SEOmoz, SearchEngineWatch & AllTop. Second, skimming the list of over 1,500 bulleted entries provides a sweet overview of our industry’s evolution in 2009.

2009 was an awesome year for our industry. Expansion, complexity, specialization and raw intensity increased exponentially, ratcheting up over the course of the year. Whew! Reciprocally a tremendous amount of content was produced by an ever increasing community of bloggers. Thank you! We’ll start with content from New Year’s Eve and work our way back to the beginning of 2009.






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