AIMCLEAR‘s Dream Team Expands: Welcome Erik Stafford, Creative Director

Erik Stafford and Marty Weintraub

Pause for a minute sometime today and scan through your social feeds with a beastly critical eye. Sure, it’s easy for brands to get in front of audiences today with AI-infused tech wizardry that would blow the minds of marketing pioneers of long ago. But an unfortunate trend seems to be gripping the digital advertising world. Great marketing – the truly authentic kind – has almost died. 

All the technical wonder in the world means squat if you can’t hook the audience with something so wondrous, tempting, or captivating, that people seek out your brand.  

Exceptional creative is still the essential hallmark of great marketing. That’s why I’m pleased today to let the world know that Erik Stafford has joined AIMCLEAR as Creative Director. 

We’ve known Erik for many years. He’s collaborated frequently with AIMCLEAR CMO Susan Wenograd, and I’ve known and respected his work since we first met.  Erik has run his own successful marketing firm for the past 13 years or so – about the same amount of time AIMCLEAR has been on the scene. Kindred spirits of sorts. I started my career as an artist in music. Erik started his as a painter, with his Bachelor of Fine Arts in oil painting from the great art program at Ohio State. 

As artists at heart, we sometimes see the world and communicate differently than others. Erik and I both tapped our respective foundations in the creative arts to build successful businesses connecting audiences to objectives and building powerhouse brands from the ground up. 

Erik brings to our team a sharp eye, an uncanny gift to energize stories through visuals and words, and the ability to collaborate with clients and internal team members to do great things.  He fixates on creating messaging and storytelling that inspires and engages people, AND he understands the myriad ways we, as marketers in digital channels, can get those stories right under the noses of audiences that matter.  Best of all, he knows how to make creative that sells products, ideas, or services. 

In short, bringing Erik onto the AIMCLEAR team is the next logical step in where our agency is heading. He joins some of the most innovative marketers, data pros, developers, PR veterans, and strategists around.  

While I also serve as Creative Director,  Erik brings another level of creativity, radical design skills, and integrated storytelling with a track record of propelling clients into new opportunities to reach and convert audiences. Whether it’s high design, sparking ads, coherent video, or any other sequenced medium, we’re eager to unleash Erik’s creativity on the universe. 

As AIMCLEAR‘s founder, I’ve surrounded myself with the people I want to work with, from some of the smartest emerging talent in the industry to proven pros with marketing and PR chops that span decades. Great teams require great people, and we just made our stable of talent even stronger and more creative than ever. 

Welcome to our team, Erik! Let’s get to work.

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