AIMCLEAR‘s Facebook Marketing Intensive Sails to #SESCHI

With an exploding user-base of over 750 million registered users, Facebook represents the largest social sampling of human interests this world has ever known… and with a platform that seamlessly merges thoughtful human-to-human communication and mind-numbing stalking entertainment galore, it’s unlikely that momentum or growth in popularity will taper off anytime soon.

Perhaps for these reasons, calculating community managers and cutting-edge advertisers have flocked to Facebook in droves, ready to capitalize on the social networks’ dead-eye targeting capabilities and familiar, comforting environment. For the exceptionally eager and social-savvy marketer, AIMCLEAR is excited to set sail across the Great Lakes and debut our Facebook Marketing Intensive workshop this November at #SES Chicago. Read on for details.

SES Conference & Expo is a classic event on the online marketing conference landscape, drawing together industry luminaries a la Chris Boggs, Brad Geddes, Eric Enge, Bryan Eisenberg, Bill Hunt, and Lee Odden for three days of stimulating keynotes, sessions, and top-notch networking events. Closing out the week, AIMCLEAR will host our full-day Facebook Marketing Intensive workshop Friday, November 18 at the luxe Hyatt Regency.

Along with a panel of accomplished international marketers, AIMCLEAR‘s own Marty Weintraub will lead attendees through a variety of Facebook marketing modeules, including:

  • Demographic Research & Guerilla Targeting
  • Marketing KPI’s
  • Content Aggregation
  • Holistic Befriending
  • PR for Pages and Places
  • CM Day in the Life
  • EdgeRank
  • Holistic Cross Promotion
  • Community Crisis Management
  • Buying Friends/Organic Analytics
  • Facebook Ads
  • Reputation Monitoring

Our aim is to arm attending marketers with the tools, the tactics and the know-how that will empower them to drive seriously targeted traffic from Facebook by way of both paid advertising and hardcore organic techniques.

Want to learn more? Check out the full session descriptions over the #SESCHI homepage. Already on board? Register today for best rates and a guaranteed seat at the table.

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