Announcing AIMCLEAR® AI MARKETING LAB: Our AI-Focused Think Tank

Image of a human brain with colorful paint splashing on it, depicting AI.

We are pleased to announce the formation of AIMCLEAR® AI MARKETING LAB, an intensive research unit tracking emergent AI capabilities, onboarding AI platforms, building agency tools hackathon-style for rapid implementation in our marketing processes. Every corner of AIMCLEAR and our clients has already been impacted by enhancements, efficiencies, and new techniques. The future’s so bright we gotta wear shades. 

Our marketing industry is mid-stream in a revolution- an overnight happening that’s been gestating for about ten years. AI “seemed” to hit like a tidal wave, but forward-thinking marketers have been deploying varying levels of AI solutions all along.

Of course, within hours of ChatGPT becoming a public “thing,” the industry filled to overload with self-proclaimed AI “experts.” Folks spent a few hours on ChatGPT, Midjourney or another AI tool and voila!…another “expert” was hatched. Such faux thought leaders, however, will be washed away by a true wave of innovation and actual experts leading the charge.

“Not many marketers will lose their jobs to AI. However, many marketers will lose their jobs to other marketers who master using AI — or they use AI too lazily.”

True and earned expertise requires intensive study and deep analysis of emerging technologies by committed humans who hunger most to thrive at the bleeding edge of marketing technology. Immersive change is why we created the AIMCLEAR AI Marketing Lab.

Our mission is to solve for:

  • Building a preeminent Marketing AI news content extraction engine, indexing, and warehousing content to a sandbox filtered from the daily fire hose. Simply keeping up with hour-to-hour developments is crucial.  We undertake comprehensive tracking of AI news which affects marketing and associated workflows.
  • Seeding & growing large database of inputs (prompts, images, use cases, etc.) self-extracted from news engine and bespoke AIMCLEAR inputs.
  • Launching AIMCLEAR.AI, an App with an advanced search UX to poll prompts populated from the self-learning news engine and inject prompts directly into ChatGPT4 and other emergent prompt-based platforms.

The AIMCLEAR Marketing Lab is spearheaded hackathon style by our agency’s leadership team, powered by the same integrated marketers, developers, Ad Ops, Communications team, and in-the-trenches paid and organic account managers– the humans behind 27 US Search Awards, including the last 7 consecutive Best Integrated Agency citations.

Brands are running headlong into future of dynamic change measured in days and weeks versus months and years. It will be essential to avoid hype and self-appointed “gurus,” as was the case in the early days of social media.

Now more than ever, brands require an agency partner with masterful chops to guide them through the next iteration of AI marketing. The AIMCLEAR AI Marketing Lab is our game-changer for client results in this epic moment in marketing history.

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