Announcing the 2012 SEOmoz Industry Survey: Come One, Come All!

Today’s the day! Our friends at SEOmoz have unleashed their annual Industry Survey, and want your input. Got a few minutes to spare? Head right over and take the SEOmoz Industry Survey. Your participation is greatly appreciated. Why? Because the online marketing industry is changing every day. And we want to understand it the best we possibly can. So we can rock it like a hurricane. The 2010 survey drew in responses from over 10,000 marketers and featured topics ranging from demographics to search marketing skills, industry work to employer profiles, tools and tactics spanning the SEO and social spectrum. The result was a massive amount of data then crunched and mashed up to reveal some really rad insight on the current state of SEO, budgets, channel growth, and more. But what was current then is lightyears past outdated now. The SEOmoz team wants fresh insight, and they want to share it with the world. Help ’em out!

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