Bing (Ads) it On! AIMCLEAR Interviews Evangelist John Gagnon at #CZLNY


The first ever ClickZ Live New York has so far been an enriching experience, and we’re excited to bring you video coverage straight from the show floor! Follow along throughout the rest of the week for exciting video interviews with some of ClickZ Live New York’s finest speakers and panelists.

AIMCLEAR‘s Mike Marshall got the chance to catch up with John Gagnon, Bing Evangelist at Microsoft, about new product features such as the Search Term Report which provides marketers with more data to recognize patterns, act and make smarter decisions. With Bing Ads’ expanded capabilities, marketers far and wide (AIMCLEAR included!) have benefited from the ability to download and upload more data much more quickly.

The unique Bing audience is about 29% of the overall market in the U.S. If you were to look at Bing’s traffic for search terms such as “travel,” 80% of the audience can’t be attained in Google. This audience tends to be a little older with more discretionary spending. Nice, eh?

Bing has recently released their own version of PLAs, or Bing Product Ads. Shopping is such a visual experience, and providing that imagery has shown some real gains which marketers can expect to increase.

John Gagnon brings us the very latest developments within Bing Ads during our video interview at ClickZ Live New York. Watch the full interview below!

Thanks, John, for speaking with us today! Stay tuned for more coverage from ClickZ Live NY.

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