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Cable TV Internet Convergence

NAB 1997 It was about 10 years ago or so that I was walking the floor at NAB. Everywhere the word “convergence” was being tossed around faster than the poker chips over at Caesars. Back then, no one was fully aware of what it meant. Somehow, technologies were going to seamlessly merge and create a […]

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The Collision of Television and SEM

I am pleased to announce a new series of articles regarding the convergence and consolidation of media channels. Since traditional channels like broadcast, print, and cable are folding into the Internet at an ever increasing rate this topic has become incredibly relevant. Like everyone else in my age group (don’t ask don’t tell) most of […]

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AIMCLEAR Speaks Today at Minneapolis Music Business College

Today I am scheduled to guest lecture at the Institute of Production of Recording in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The audience will be comprised of teachers and students in the “Associate in Applied Science Degree Program Music and Entertainment Business” program with discussion centering around content management systems, SEM, SEO, Blogging and social media.

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15 Time-Tested Blogging Tips

With so many of our clients blogging now (and asking lots of good questions) the subject of blogs comes up often in our “how-to” conversations. Obviously I’m a big fan of blogs. I love to write and I love search marketing. Blogging is a wonderful pastime and satisfying personal endeavor that can pay returns on […]

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iGoogle is Here!

Welcome to your shiny new personalized Google homepage. Depending on one’s perspective this is somewhere between interesting and earth shaking. Last night while logged into Gmail account from an IP address in Duluth, Minnesota, I was greeted by iGoogle (the new and much ballyhooed personalized Gogle homepage) for the first time. Yippy Skippy iGoogle is here! […]

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Must Read 2007 Web Analytics Shootout – Interim Report

So great is the ripple effect of social media that people blog about people blogging about important content. It is in this spirit that I pass along the following content, which is striking in scope and seriously useful to anyone who reads analytics everyday-or should. Thanks to Stone Temple Consulting for making this information available […]

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Giddy Up in the Mobile Search Wild West

There has been a lot of buzz lately surrounding the field of mobile search. At SES conferences and in subsequent web presentations I’ve seen Chris Sherman do informal polls of audience SEM firms. He asks which of us already include mobile search strategy in working with our clients. The majority of SEM firms say “not yet” […]

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Reader’s Choice Search Marketing Resources

The Online Marketing Blog has gone and done it again with a terrific snapshot of the SEM, SMO, SEO landscape from inside the industry. “Whether it’s deciding what the best sources of information on search marketing are to the most important skills for practicing search engine optimization, these polls offer a glimpse of what’s on […]

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AIMCLEAR Announces Agency Partnership with Leading Analytics Firm

Today we are pleased to announce that AIMCLEAR has become a partner agency with ClickTracks an industry leading web analytics solutions provider. ClickTracks serves up deep, insightful, and actionable analysis of your web site’s organic and paid search marketing results. We believe it’s the best solution available today for cutting edge traffic analysis cross-segmented by user […]

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