Illustration of organ grinder monkey
AI-Assisted Thought Leadership: Unearthing the Limitations & Potential for GPT-Aided Brilliance
Lea Scudamore
SEO Like a Boss: Q&A with AIMCLEAR’s SEO Mastermind Lea Scudamore
Expert speakers, three content tracks highlight Zenith 2024
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Prove Performance Branding LIFT / Psychographics: Search Volume, CAC, & ROAS
PR enhances our agency work, from organic to paid to SEO and beyond
AIMCLEAR security alert: Guard against phishing scams
4 US Search Awards Aimclear received in 2023
AIMCLEAR cleans up at 2023 U.S. Search Awards
Laptop on fire with Google logo
Google’s a mess. Here’s what you need to know and do.
Content Marketing World 2023
Here’s why your marketing must change
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Global DOOH Advertising: Engaging 21st Century Consumers On-Site
Picture of women with multiple shadow faces.
Constrain AI to Copy Your Writing Style, Essential Prompt Engineering
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GPT-4 Prompt Engineering Master Elements: Controlling Complexity, Repetitiveness, Tone, Person and Believability
Image of a human brain with colorful paint splashing on it, depicting AI.
Announcing AIMCLEAR® AI MARKETING LAB: Our AI-Focused Think Tank
Zenith Marketing Conference Keynote
Zenith Conference 2023: Reignite your digital marketing superpowers
Image of a sunset turning the sky bright orange, in reference to the sunsetting of Universal Analytics.
Google Analytics 4: Channeling Reality & Crucial Next Steps Checklist
A rhino and a lioness with Google Ads Logo.
Channeling Reality: Google Performance Max Ads Campaigns in the Wild
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Duluth’s Tourism Rebound Graded by Data: More Details
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We “Interviewed” ChatGPT About Marketing, Innovation, & Replacing Humans. Its Answers Are Intriguing
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Marketing Promotion Strategy, a Digital Offer Brainwreck Deconstructed
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AI Content Generation: Useable, Cost-Effective Content with Brand-Busting Power
"Aimclear" appears on the big screen at the 2022 US Search Awards.
2022 US Search Awards: Deep Meaning Behind Big Wins
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Zenith Conference, Duluth, 2022- We’re Baaaaaack!
Soldier with helmet, also wearing a medical mask
6 Forever Marketing Truths Reinforced by Pandemic & War
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2022 Marketing Predictions: What WON’T Change This Year
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3rd Party Tracking Cookies Ending? What to Do & Why Great Marketers Are Not Worried
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AIMCLEAR Humbled to Earn Five 2021 #USSearchAwards: Sharing Data From Entries
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Web Design Best Practices
A happy pinky-purple unicorn pooping rainbow dung.
#SEO Ponies, Absurd Goals, Myopic Strategy, & the Wrong Way to Hire an Agency