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Infuse Creative Announces New Video SEO Tool At SES

Gregory Markel, Founder/President, Infuse Creative, LLC announced today during an SES NYC 2007 session  that in “3rd or “4th” quarter Infuse Creative will release a commercial build of their proprietary Video SEO software. Infuse Creative’s optimization team presently uses this software in-house to batch the video submission and tracking process to numerous video engines. The Infuse […]

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Link Baiting and Viral Marketing

Today I attended an SES NYC 2007 training session taught by Jennifer Laycock, whose Search Engine Guide website is an authority site in the world of organic search. Jennifer is an expert at understanding and analyzing how entire communities have migrated their interactions to the Internet and how to exploit it. Viral link baiting, which focuses […]

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Maximizing the Business Benefit of Conferences and Trade Shows

To keep current I travel quite a bit and attend a number of industry specific trade shows and conferences each year. If there is any business on earth where staying current on evolving trends and technologies is critical, it is search marketing.  We know from having been around diverse businesses for a long time  that […]

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AIMCLEAR to Attend Search Engine Strategies Conference, New York 2007

Tomorrow I will be heading off to New York City for SES New York 2007 (April 9–13, 2007 at the Hilton NYC). Spread over a  jam packed 5 days (including half-day highly specialized sessions) SES NY offers over 75 sessions and intensive workshops facilitated by the industry’s top search experts and the search engines themselves. I attended SES […]

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SEM Agency New Client FAQs: Part 1

It is gratifying that a number of our clients are marketing professionals and agencies who retain us on behalf of their clients. We also receive inquiries from advertising agencies or marketing, PR, and advertising solo-practitioners for input as to how they can use Internet marketing themselves. Over time we’ve noticed some common website promotion and Internet […]

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Welcome to AIMCLEAR Search Marketing Blog

Welcome to the official launch of Northern Minnesota’s only search engine marketing blog, an informational resource for advertising, PR, and marketing professionals in Duluth and Minneapolis, Minnesota. The objective of this blog is to help demystify the process of and exchange ideas about search marketing, which is quickly becoming the most important development in advertising […]

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SEO: How Much Free Work to Get the Job?

In SEO a significant amount of research needs to be done as part of any project. We don’t do it in advance for free anymore simply to get the job (though the prospective client would certainly be happy to have us do so). In the traditional advertising agency model it’s often necessary to provide free […]

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Predicting Keywords from Current Events

Sometimes it is possible to predict keyword niches from current events or things you believe will happen. Recently Yahoo Small Business Hosting had a 3 day HTTP server 500 error issue which affected WordPress blogs and other .php applications running on their servers. When we called Yahoo to deal with the issue (this blog is […]

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