Google+! All It’s Cracked Up to Be & MORE: The Brent Csutoras #SMX Social Interview


Welcome back to AIMCLEAR‘s coverage of SMX Social from Las Vegas! We continue our video interview series as Marcela De Vivo interviews Brent Csutoras, Owner and Social Media Consultant for Kairay Media, about the social channel that seems to be all the rage these days: Google+.

Statistics show that Google+ is fast becoming a staple in the social media world, with more and more active users participating in the channel everyday. The conversation people are having now about whether we need to be on Google+ is similar to the conversation digital marketers were having years ago about whether it was necessary to utilize social media. We all know how that ended up! Google+ has a different audience than other social channels, with users looking for professional or educational information as opposed to the more social natures of Facebook and Twitter. People don’t want to be on the same channel all the time, and it’s important to accept the fact that Google+ will continue to grow.

Brent discusses some of the more recent developments in Google+, including the integration with YouTube and shares what this means for marketers as the channel continues to evolve. Without further ado, check out what Brent has to share this year at SMX Social!

We’re not done yet! We’ll be back with even more video interviews and conference coverage throughout the day, so stay tuned!

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