Attention Twin Ports College Students: Online Marketing & PR Heavyweights in YOUR Town

May marks the entry of many eager and nervous graduates into what we call the “real world.” The Duluth Chamber of Commerce, local ad agencies, and a gaggle of internationally-known speakers are excited to offer YOU, local college students, the opportunity of a lifetime to get your foot in the door and network with some truly amazing professionals.

This year’s Zenith Duluth Social Media Marketing Conference is a premier resource for marketers who want to stay relevant in a fast-paced and constantly evolving industry. We’re proud to offer this amazing learning experience plus an extra special something for our community’s soon-to-be graduates.

The first 50 students who register for a ticket to the Zenith Duluth Social Media Marketing Conference also get exclusive access to the private networking event held during the conference.

Stunning perks include the chance to:

  • Talk one-on-one with nationally-respected leaders in the industry
  • Get honest feedback on résumés from real decision-makers
  • Find out what online marketing employers are searching for and how best to approach them
  • Ask whatever burning questions you have for the top dogs
  • Forge friendships with people who matter, including fellow peers and local professionals
  • Check out the AIMCLEAR shop and meet its dream team of marketers

Oh, baby. And for those who don’t make it in the lucky top 50? Fear not. The main event, the Zenith conference itself, is packed to the gills with exciting sessions and networking opps. You’ll walk away awe-struck with ton of insight and best practices from some of the world’s leading online marketers.

Check out the agenda to get a preview of the topics. Now, onto the specifics…

Where Do I Sign Up And How Much Do I Have To Fork Over?
Registration is super simple and remarkably affordable, but keep in mind, spots are limited and they will fill up! We’re offering a student discount when you present your student ID at the door – tickets for just $99! This is a steal. Period. Put into context, most events with these speakers cost 5x more plus airfare. This star-studded event is happening in your city, people!

Already on board? Register now for Zenith Duluth Social Media Marketing Conference and get started. Still hungry for more info? Read on. (Or check out our sneak peek of what’s to come and a small recap of last year.)

Where & When?!
The Zenith Duluth Social Media Marketing Conference will be held at the Greysolon Plaza on Thursday, May 30th. It’s a one day jam-packed summit full of stuff you need to know if you’re serious about getting a job in marketing or PR. The networking opps are worth the price of the ticket alone – but yeah, you’ll also get to savor tons of fabulous brainchow throughout the day.

Who Will Be There?!
“You keep talking about awesome guests and networking… but who exactly will be there?” All the right people (almost). Get ready to step into the ring with the industry’s movers and shakers, from coast to coast, even from your backyard. You’ll be able to chat with industry heavyweights including founders, CEOs, directors, owners and presidents. They make decisions, they’re known in the industry, and they want to meet you! 

These pros have relationships with decision makers all over the world. You could find yourself in Duluth, the Twin Cities, New Orleans, New York, Australia, Brazil or Germany… who knows? Here’s a preview of who you could be building an invaluable relationship with. These folks pack a powerful punch.


Okay, this is the last time we’ll say it: This is an insanely awesome opportunity to invest in your future. Seize it, take control, be proactive, and put yourself out there!

If you’re serious about getting a job in marketing or PR and you don’t get out to this event, you’re completely shooting yourself in the proverbial foot. Attend this conference or read about it later from someone who did – and learn how that person is now working for a Fortune 500 company and achieving their professional dreams…

Remember to check out to get your feet wet and sign up!

Hope to see you at Zenith on May 30th!

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