AIMCLEAR‘s Comprehensive Guide To Holiday Promotions

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This time of year has many thinking about Halloween, football season, comfortable sweatshirts or maybe even Pumpkin Spice Lattes…

But here at AIMCLEAR, Autumn means one thing: A focus on Q4, which brings some of the biggest and potentially most profitable shopping days of the year.

Soon, your inbox and social media feeds are going to start filling up with holiday-themed offers. Unfortunately, most of them are pretty much going to be the same thing you’ve seen a hundred times. And while we all love the classics, there’s a whole world beyond the same old holiday marketing chestnuts.

If you’re not ready for your holiday promotions just yet, fear not… We’ve just published AIMCLEAR‘s Comprehensive Guide To Holiday Promotions, and it’s our pleasure to share it with you!

This comprehensive 20 page guide is stuffed with holiday campaign ideas, tips, tricks and in-the-trenches advice from every department at AIMCLEAR, ranging from admin to ad operations, tech and data, and of course creative.

Make sure to read (or download) the entire guide by clicking here.

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