Stores may not be decked out with Christmas decorations just yet, but it’s coming. It might even be here quicker than you expect! (We’re looking at you Target. Who launches Christmas displays in September!?!) Soon, your inbox is going to start filling up with holiday-themed offers. And unfortunately, most of them are pretty much going to be the same thing you’ve seen a hundred times:
  • Get on the early-bird list
  • Claim 15% off
  • This is your last chance!
While we all love the classics, there’s a whole world beyond these old holiday chestnuts, and in this guide we’re going to unwrap them for you!

Campaigns That Feel Like A Gift, Not A Grab

For the purposes of this guide, our goal is to show you how AIMCLEAR creates holiday campaigns for our clients that feel like a gift, instead of a money grab. We’re going to discuss tactics for ecommerce, consumer services, and business to business (B2B) brands. So no matter what you do, this guide should help you! We will start by discussing campaign strategy, and share some ideas you can use to delight your customers and boost sales at the same time. Then, we’re going to dig deep into specific ad creative and landing page tactics for turning your dream campaigns into real results! The goal is to create campaigns that entertain, enlighten, and also encourage the right prospects to spend their holiday dollars with you. Doing this effectively all starts with proper planning. Download the complete guide, continue on to “Planning Your Promotions,” or browse through the chapters:


The AIMCLEAR Guide to Holiday Promotions Cover of The AIMCLEAR Guide to Holiday Creative