You’re probably running staggered promotions throughout the year based on seasonal trends, historical performance, and other events that impact your industry. If not, you should be. In addition to these events, there are 5 big holidays and shopping events in Q4 that wrap up the holiday season in North America every year. Most businesses should factor these into their plans.

Key Dates For Q4 Holidays/Shopping Events:

  • Thanksgiving – (in the US) the fourth Thursday in November
  • Black Friday – the Friday immediately following Thanksgiving
  • Cyber Monday – the Monday after Black Friday
  • Christmas Eve / Christmas Day – December 24th and December 25th each year
  • New Years Eve – December 31st

Other (Maybe Important) Dates

  • Halloween: October 31st, 2020
  • Small Business Saturday – the Saturday after Black Friday
  • Green Monday – Green Monday is (usually) the second Monday in December

Laying The Foundation

Once you’ve picked the events you plan to focus on, and have added them to your calendar, it’s time to get down to the brass tacks of building these campaigns. AIMCLEAR specializes in integrated marketing campaigns across multiple channels and platforms. We have a full team of media buyers and ad operations folks who support our clients with creating audiences and setting up campaigns for paid search (PPC), paid social (FB Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Instagram Ads, etc. etc.), organic search (SEO), organic social and PR. We also support many of our clients with data services, martech services, and website development. Each of these topics in and of themselves would require a full guide to properly cover, and so for the purposes of this guide we’re focusing on:
  • Strategizing effective campaigns
  • Producing effective ad creatives and landing pages to support these campaigns
In essence, this guide focuses on the “creative” side of holiday promotions.There are however other major considerations beyond the creative, including ad spend, audiences, technical setup and testing, and data monitoring. Check out the AIMCLEAR blog for articles where we cover these other critical components of your holiday campaigns. Download the complete guide, continue on to “Messaging Strategy and the 4 Stages of Buyer Awareness,”or browse through the chapters:


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