Hey Stupid, You’re Our Spammer of the Month!

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<rant> I was strolling along the lake towards our lovely Canal Park Office this  morning, when my Blackberry (sonar sound) alerted me to an email. I was consumed noodling on possible blog topics for today and weighing ideas against our team’s imposing schedule. The sound of an email spammer trying to buy doFollow AIMCLEAR Blog content links that violate Google’s terms of service, jolted me a bit. Little did I know that some moron was about to make my day.

I read the email. It was some link-building dude trying to buy hidden doFollow links, to build links to his link-building business! My first thought was freakin’ LOL! The second thought was more efficient.  “Well that takes care of my blog post for today, Marty!”

Upon arrival at the shop, we took a staff vote, overridden by me…and decided to occasionally publish these types of emails in the future as an exercise of cleaning spam out of our email boxes. Before we share the spam letter I received, here’s the recommended takeaways from this post in advance:

  • Tip #1: Don’t send stupid solicitations to SEOs, you never know when they might publish it.
  • Don’t ask SEOs to violate any search engines TOS, at least not in writing.
  • Tip #2: Don’t piss off SEOs
  • Tip #3 Reread tips #1 &#2.

——Original Message——
From: Paul White
To: Marty WeintraubSubject: AIMCLEARBlog Contact Form
Sent: Aug 26, 2009 8:03 AM

Paul White wrote:
I would like to become an advertiser on your site. I am looking to place a
small text link ad. Do you allow those types of ads and if so would you be ok
with a do-follow link?

I usually ask for one line with just a few words. I prefer them at the top,
middle, or bottom of the main content area of the site. However, I am sure we
can work out placement.

The keywords the ad would be targeting would be “link building” related. If you
accept this type of advertising please let me know what you would charge me to
place a link ad on your site. Feel free to call me if you have any questions


Paul White
Inventory Manager


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