Creative on CRACK & Beacon Marketing BEAST Mode! Catch AIMCLEAR at #SMX East

Heading to the Big Apple for SMX East, Sept. 27-29? So are we! We’ll be on the ground providing daily coverage and sharing some serious search + social truths from the podium of the largest search engine marketing conference and expo on the planet. On the speaker side of the lectern, AIMCLEAR founder, Marty Weintraub, and VP of Client Services, Manny Rivas, will each take the stage for a session. You’ll find Ad Ops Analyst Mitch Larson on the audience side, sharing all the news that’s fit to Tweet and blog. Read on for a preview of the goods.

Colorful creative that converts

You’ve seen it before: A SERP filled with ads that say the exact. same. thing. How do you stand out in a world where quality score rules? Marty will demonstrate how to break from the banal without losing your all-important Q-score and SEO keywords by building a creative construct. He’ll teach the importance of brainstorming theories first, triggering human emotions and developing creative in teams. Learn how to create — and USE — a grid of voice and function, as well as a vertical creative matrix. The methods (and, no doubt, madness) shared will reintroduce creative as an art AND science. This is timeless thinking for creative futurists.      

Marty’s presentation is part of The Nine Billion Ads of Search session, kicking off the conference on Tuesday the 27th at 9 a.m. Marty joins Pauline Jakober of Group Twenty Seven and Virginia Tonning of Schneider Electric on this performance-driven panel. The trio will equip attendees with best practices for creating (and testing) winning text and display ads that go past the mundane. Expect more than just the status quo here, folks. If you’re responsible for any sort of creative, DO NOT MISS this session.

Beacons, beacons everywhere…

Beacons are making the impossible possible: tracking online-to-offline store visits and conversions, as well as the reverse. And it’s not just marketers with massive budgets and far-reaching resources who can leverage the technology. Beacon marketing is increasingly approachable and affordable.  

Manny Rivas, plus Social & SEO specialist Alan K’necht and Ray Rotolo, SVP of Out-of-Home at Gimbal, will present a beacon marketing deep dive in the Beacons & Beyond: Offline Conversions and Online Retargeting session on Tuesday the 27th at 10:45 a.m. Manny will cover the essentials for creating a proximity marketing program, including how to leverage beacon technology without a mobile app, track success, build real-time psychographic audiences and much more. For cutting-edge brick-and-mortar marketers seeking trackable customer experiences at scale, this session is essential.

Roving reporting

For those watching the action from the sidelines, Mitch Larson will be our eyes and ears, absorbing the latest scoops in the world of search and relaying the message through articles on AIMCLEAR Blog. Keep an eye on our Twitter account for nuggets of information from the event, too.

Heading to NYC for the big show? We’ll see you there — say “hi” to Mitch, Manny or Marty! If you’re new to the business or conference, check back later this week for our SMX Dream Agenda. With the caliber of speakers at this event, it’s hard to pick which sessions to attend. We’ll tell you which are worth their weight in gold.  

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