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Smart search marketers know. Don’t buy “Free” keywords, unless your conversion is free. Paid social marketers recognize no-freebies filtering is easily available using Facebook Exclusion Interest targeting. This Psychographic Targeting Hot House illustrates how to ban pesky freeloaders from the targeting mix.

Copy seed targeting, offered as scraping text below. Paste scraped text into Facebook Ads for a free data layer with affection from your friends at AIMCLEAR.


Use the Exclude Interests bucket to filter free-free stuff personas out of Facebook targeting.


Data Layer Giveaway! “Free” Keywords

Below you’ll find “free” keywords for interest exclusion. (We provide a free copy and paste text version below for import into Facebook Ads targeting.)


There are a lot of Facebook users who are into free shit somehow, like 72 million (using this as inclusion targeting), leaving 115 million users to target once the free-lovers are excluded. Here’s your “free” text to scrape. Keep reading because we’ll show you a segmentation example.

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Segmentation Example: Home Office Accountants

Using Facebook Job Title targeting, it’s easy to find a subset of home office accountants. That’s a small and powerful audience who may buy B2B support services and products… from accounting software and conferences to lead generation, associations and mobile forms tools. Now, apply an exclusion data layer of “free” Interests, essentially filtering out Facebook users looking for free stuff. Pretty cool, approximately 30 percent of the audience was stripped from the targeting layer.


Build Your Own Cheapskate Filters

Get creative marketers! Use Exclude Interests to build out more moderate money data filters. Think in keywords, like a search marketer. SEMs selling premium (read expensive, fine, exclusive, etc.) products often use negative keywords like “Discount,” “Used,” “Coupon,” “Sales events,” Cheap” and others to remove excessive spendthrifts. These semantic concepts also apply to social.

Scale, Cost & Conversion Rate

As with any psychographic targeting layer, concepts offered herein usually scale to larger audiences. In huge audiences, filtering with the Exclude Interests free segment offered here may not affect the CPC a lot.

Also, in this post, remember we shared a small targeting segment, home office accountants.  As a general rule, small, layered audiences tend to cost more. If your root audience is small, check if the conversion rate is higher because freeloaders are filtered out. If yes, weigh the value of more conversions against the inflated CPC.

Search Marketers Only Buy “Free” Keywords, If The Conversion Is Actually Free

Like search, social marketers have negative power at their fingertips! “Free” filtering is easily available via Facebook Exclusion Interest targeting.  We hope you enjoy the copy & paste stock in this post. Use it to lose it! Filter out would-be freeloaders from Facebook targeting.

Happy Targeting 🙂 MW


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