Facebook AUS & NZ: Who’s Going On Down Under?

At SMX Sydney last week, I was approached by a number of zealous attendees (prior to my Facebook PPC presentation) who mentioned that they reckoned not enough of Australian or New Zealand citizens participate on Facebook to make FB marketing worthwhile.  The reality could not be further from the truth.  Read on for a breakout of basic demographics and a few fun samplings from categories, brands, places of employments and other interest segments from Australian & NZ markets. We’ve also shared a few twisted Easter Eggs just for the fun of it.

To begin,  all the data was pulled on April 23, 2010. To future readers, in all likelihood the numbers have increased as of the date you discover this post. As of this writing, there are over 9.6 million users of all ages and more than 8.2 million over 18 in Australia and New Zealand.

Total Users & Total Users Over 18 Years Old

Straight & Gay Men

Straight & Gay Woman

(Georgia George St. night time)

Males: Single,In Relationship, Engaged & Married

Females: Single,In Relationship, Engaged & Married

(Manly Wharf from Ferry)

Languages Spoken: Japanese, Arabic, Chinese & English

Ages 14-18, 19-24, 25-34, 35-44 & 45-64
It is interesting to note that there are nearly as many45-64 year olds using Facebook as 14-18. This runs contrary to common perceptions. Facebook is for all ages.

(This cool sign is from the Manly Ferry)

Over 1.8 million of Facebook’s under 64 users live in the Sydney area. Obviously that’s a statistically significant percentage of the city’s population, which helps explain other metric tendencies amongst the country’s population.

Demographic Segment Samples
The bucket below represents a small sampling of employers, colleges, degrees, brands, interest segments, etc… There are hundreds/thousands of each to be revealed at the level of category specificity, professions, brands,  inclinations, etc… This is far from a complete list, rather meant to stimulate further exploration.

A-C of employers in Australia and NZ

The Trades
Of course, this only scratches the surface of the comprehensive b2b community, represented by their personal and/or professional use of Facebook.

View from 42 floor of the Sydney Hilton)



Ausies and Kiws on Facebook have a fair amount of deviants among them. This is common in most countries.

Not surprisingly, Justin Beiber buzzes like crazy. Most of this is actually in the age 14-18 segment.

Other underground bands (yep, they’re all real bands) generate their own FB chatter.

While few Afrikaan speaking folks hang on FB here, there is also little statistically-relevant discrimination

The same is not true, for the love of this twisted hate- movie.

College Degree Programs
Again, this only scratches the surface. Just think of the marketing opportunities to these pre and post grad’s.


(Sydney from Manly Ferry)

Ford Products
This is just a single example of hundreds of mainline brand which sport a built in following in Facebook.  It’s practically negligent not to market either to your brand’s friends. Inversely, don’t forget to “get to know” your competitors’ friends. 🙂 Friendship is good right?

Food Network

Food Issues

Food & Beverage Professionals

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