Facebook Steps Up Carousel Ads & LinkedIn Lets You Snoop On Salaries | Social Marketing Cluster Facts

Facebook is now giving publishers the option of choosing TEN photos in carousel ads, Twitter gives companies a leg up on direct message communication and LinkedIn gives users the chance to see what they’re worth. Dig in — watch SMCF!


Snapchat is renewing its partnership with the NBA and plans to triple content output this time around. This means more content in Discover, more games featured in Live Stories and more annoying selfies with geofilters that feature the score.

In its third quarter, YouTube continues to be one of the major revenue generators for Alphabet (aka Google). Adweek.com stated that “advertising revenue for Google totaled $19.8 billion, up 18 percent from $16.8 billion last year.” That’s quite a jump, yet not surprising due to the changes and upgrades Google has made to its advertising platform in the past year. Now that they have entered into the smartphone arena, only time will tell if advertising will continue to be Google’s breadwinner.

Twitter introduce “welcome messages” and “quick replies”. Welcome messages appear when users open a private or direct message and quick replies let businesses prompt people with next steps. Like choosing from a list of options. Want to see it in action? Check out the twitter handle @gov.

The Google Unskippable Labs ran a video ad experiment using 16 different variations including device, pacing, sound, horizontal vs. vertical and other factors. What did they learn?
– The average completion rate for video ads on mobile devices is 22% and 28% on desktop.
– Faster paced videos have higher view-through rate
– Horizontal ads out performed vertical video ads
– Subtitled or captioned video performed slightly better than non-captioned and super captions or videos that have key points popping up performed the best with a 1% greater view-through rate on mobile compared to the straight captions, similar for desktop.

Facebook is making some hefty eCommerce strides with its Messenger app. Soon PayPal customers will be able to make payments from Messenger… This news comes at the same time eBay’s Shopbot debuts in beta on the app.

Speaking of buying from Facebook, a recent Nielsen study indicates Facebook helps TV ads reach an additional 5 percent of target audiences who likely wouldn’t see the ad without the social platform.

On Wednesday, the network announced it has 1.79 billion monthly visitors, a 16 percent rise from a year ago. On top of that more, the company states that one billion people each month use its network solely from their mobile device.

You guys, now you can use TEN images in your carousel ads. TEN. No longer do you have to keep it to five.

Curious what your colleagues are making, or if you could make a little more bank at another company? LinkedIn Salary could help you out. The tool allows users to anonymously see industry salary information, only after they anonymously share their own compensation info. In addition to a base salary range, the tool also gives insight into bonus structures. Users can tailor searches based on professional experience, skills, education level, company size, industry and location.

WhatsApp is now working on a clone of Snapchat Stories. The Facebook owned app is following suite, as most of Facebook’s energy has been focused on ripping off Snapchat rather than any sort of innovation or originality. Just last week Mark Zuckerberg announced that “soon, we believe a camera will be the main way we share”. This statement coming just months after Snapchat has redefined their image as Snap Inc. a camera company. If you ask us, this kind of blatant copying and unoriginality doesn’t make Facebook look more hip or original. In fact Facebook is starting to look like a dad, that is trying his absolute hardest to fit in with his kids and their friends, “Daaaaad Rush is not cool anymore!”.


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