Facebook Targeting Alert! Gaming the Grid with Power Editor? OMG, RLY?!

Newsflash!(?) Facebook either introduced some seriously radical targeting features to Power Editor or Power Editor is being a bit wonky. We’re hoping for the former, because with this new targeting feature (?) marketers can now target Precise Interests AND Broad Categories. At the SAME TIME.

Currently, marketers can only take advantage of this new targeting feature with Facebook’s Power Editor, as we can see both the Precise Interest and the Broad Categories options…

…whereas in Facebook’s Targeting UI, users have to select to switch between the two. So, what makes this new (?) Power Editor Targeting even more powerful? It uses the “and” operator, not “or.”

Check this out: Here we are targeting Facebook Users who are Precisely interested in Danny Sullivan, Search Engine Land, Search Engine Watch, SEOmoz, and more. That’s a nicely sized segment of 30K+ Users.

Next, we’ve targeted Small Business Owners using Facebook’s Broad Category targeting– a giant segment at a whopping 5+ million users!

Using Power Editor, we can now combine these two targeting grids into one seriously targeted segment: small business owners who are also interested in SEO/SEM online publications and conferences for a tidy target of about 15K+ Facebook users. Here’s our segment for marketing

Killer improvement, Facebook. Just Killer.

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