From The Sunshine State To London Fog, AIMCLEAR To Speak At Interactivity Digital & #SMX London

Over the last four months, the AIMCLEAR team has been on a whirlwind world tour, speaking at destinations near and far (Israel, Australia, Munich, California, New York and more!), all in the name of spreading the good word of Internet marketing. And guess what? We’re not slowing down any time soon! In fact, coming up next week, AIMCLEAR‘s Marty Weintraub and Manny Rivas are respectively jetting off to sunny Florida and foggy London to speak at Interactivity Digital and SMX London.

Read on for a sneak peak into what the two will speak on. Let the travel, erp, speaking binge continue!

Interactivity Digital
South Beach: May 15-16

Killer KPIs: Turning Data into Dollars
May 15, 11:40 – 12:20 p.m. (EST)

On Day One of Interactivity Digital, Marty will hit the stage with Annie Cushing to explain the big bad world of big data, and how to turn it into real profit. Specifically, attendees will gain a solid understanding of essential KPIs for both paid and organic traffic, in addition to knowing exactly how to leverage the data for even greater returns. Sweet!

Mission Possible: Become a Search Marketing Spy Through Competitive Analysis
May 15, 2:20 – 3:10 p.m. (EST)

Later that day, Marty will join John Doherty and Bill Hunt to uncover the fine art of spying…on your competitors. Really! It’s totally legal, totally necessary and probably a whole lot easier to accomplish than you think. Attendees will walk away with the tools and strategies needed to find out not only how competitors are driving traffic and increasing conversions, but how to leverage that data for their own marketing needs – all without making those competitors raise an eyebrow. So sneaky! But not really.

Follow Marty along at his Twitter handle, @AIMCLEAR.

SMX London
London: May 15-16

Conversion Science
May 15, 1:00 – 2:15 pm (London Time)

Over on the other side of the pond, Manny Rivas will join George Popstefanov and Matt Van Wagner for an in-depth look at customer conversions on Day One of SMX London. The panel will discuss how to get inside customers’ brains and create a website experience that satisfies needs by leading customers seamlessly from search to ultimate conversion.

Paid Search Advertising in a Multi-Device World
May 16, 10:45 – 12:00 pm (London Time)

On Day Two, Manny, along with Alistair Dent and Bill Dinan will jump into the complex topic of paid search campaigns for mobile devices. Because mobile users have different needs and wants than desktop users, campaigns must be customized accordingly. This session features a discussion of the paid search ad issues, strategies and tactics needed to succeed in a multi-device, always-on world.

Follow Manny along at his Twitter handle, @mannyrivas.

Now, we must go pack and catch our planes. See you around the world!

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