Giant Monster Online Marketing Vendors List: Part 1

ListWe get so many inquires seeking referrals for vendors that we decided to begin a master list of online marketing must-considers and invite our friends to contribute. We needed to start somewhere, so we decided to kick off our industry biz directory with a seed list of companies.  So where to start? We noticed that Search Engine Strategies generously qualifies vendors for in the exposition hall roster.
You see, during industry conferences, these expo halls are favorite places to network with respected thought-leaders & peers / kill time between sessions / run amok / nab mini candy bars and branded swag.  Next month’s San Francisco shindig will feature 75+ sponsors and exhibitors ready to show off their goods. This seed list from the conf agenda is a sweet-start representation of the volume and variety of vendors across the Internet marketing landscape.  In other words, if they’re willing to spend hard cash on exhibiting at SES, that’s a reasonable indicator that they want to play with us!  Please contribute to this list by suggesting online marketing vendors, platforms, agencies,  tool makers, content services, etc… via Twitter (@beebow). Yep, that’s me. We’ll have a look.  BTW, we’re aware that there are links to agencies one would think compete with AIMCLEAR. We’re not much worried. Hold onto your hats. Here we go with the first installment.

15mile is a sub-division of TMP Directional Marketing, the industry’s largest local search agency. Providing the mother company’s interactive services, 15miles offers a variety of online and mobile-search solutions- everything from Internet directory listings to PPC to social marketing.
7Search is a Pay Per Click search engine network that drives quality, diverse traffic from Web properties and search engines. A combination of unique, useful tools, exceptional customer service and no minimum for monthly spend makes 7Search a smart choice for cost-conscious clients.

Acquisio is the leading performance marketing solutions providor for agencies across the world. The Montreal-based company, which also operates a remote office in Seattle, takes pride in helping clients manage their paid search campaign and optimize their efforts for different search engines.

Since 2004, AdGooroo has helped marketers chart the competitive advertising space, serving as a leading provider of Digital Marketing Intelligence in over 47 countries around the world. Their suite of Insight products encompass SEM, links, trademarks, and display.

Adobe, featuring Omniture® technology
Omniture’s online business optimization software allows users to manage and optimize their business endevors both on and offline. With its comprehensive interface, Omniture captures, stores and analyzes website content so that users can have a better understanding of site performance and campaign efficiency.

American Express OPEN
American Express OPEN recently launched a new online solution for simplifying search marketing, SearchManager. Instant single-point access to the major search engines provides a streamlined user experience and enhanced effective campaign management.

AppNexus provides clients with a scalable real-time ad platform, allowing them to manage major inventory sources and media buys. The New York-based company’s ad technology offers data management, optimization, APIs, and financial clearing functionality, and operates as a single-point access to platforms including Google’s DoubleClick and Microsoft’s AdECN.

Best of the Web
Best of the Web has been recognizing and cataloging the “best” site online since 1994, making it the Internet’s oldest directory. Sealing a spot in the Buffalo-born company’s listings can help increase traffic and improve visibility across the major search engines.

Ringing in the new generation of search is Bing, Microsoft’s own “decision engine.” The functionality of this search platform has a heavy emphasis on visuals, leveraging images in various ways to help users discover and select search results that best suit their query.

Brafton CustomNews
Boston-based news agency Branfton CustomNews offers customized news feeds for client websites with a special focus on fresh, real-time content and breaking news stories. Branfton also services clients with Content & News Feed Providers, Marketing Optimization Solutions and Organic Search Marketing services.

Bruce Clay Inc.
Bruce Clay Inc. is a trusted veteran in the field of search engine optimization. Operating since 1996, the company’s accomplishments include the Search Engine Relationship Chart®, the SEO Code of Ethics, various on-site interactive tools and a recognized industry training course. Bruce Clay Inc. currently has offices in Los Angeles, New York, Sydney, London and Tokyo. is one of the top online company directories, with a traffic flow of over 40 million unique visitors per month.  With an inventory of more than 65,000 business categories and upwards of 35,000 biz how-to tutorials, represents a trusted content solution for B2B marketers and publishers.

ClearSaleing, Inc. provides clients with advertising portfolio management technology designed to help allocate ad spend in a cross-investment, multi-platform marketing campaigns. The company has been a leader in Marketing Optimization Solutions, Search Marketing Software as well as Web Analytics since it was founded in 2006.

Blazing the path in intelligent paid search platform for large advertisers and agencies, ClickEquations’s 3-engine management, bidding, and reporting services are a trifecta for marketers. With a suite of products including ClickEquations Segments, ClickEquations Adviser and ClickEquations Manager and Analyst, this company represents a comprehensive, cost-effective solution.

ClickPath’s dynamic ad tracking functionality gives marketers a new way to view collective conversion performance, both online and offline. By linking all onlien marketing campaigns back to the same, defined source, ClickPath is able to accurately track analytics across a variety of mediums, including phone calls.

ClickSweeper provides agencies and marketers with highly customizable PPC management software that integrates keyword bid automation, content network features, ROI and conversion-based campaign strategies as well as ad copy evaluation. By streamlining tedious maintance tasks and identifying areas of opportunity for increased campaign profitability, ClickSweeper has been servicing clients with cost-effective PPC management since 2007.

By delivering actionable digital intelligence, Compete is able to help clients enhance the effectiveness of marketing campaigns both on and offline. Compete also offers a suite of products from online measurement tools to deep consumer and competitor insights across a variety of industries.

Covario, Inc.
San Francisco-based Covario, Inc. provides leading Interactive Marketing Analytics software to global organizations.Its comprehensive interactive and search marketing analytics solutions help clients manage paid search advertising, organic search engine optimization and display advertising in a cross-channel strategy.

Elsner Technologies Pvt Ltd.
Elsner Technologies Pvt Ltd is a leading IT company and software provider offering a variety of web services, including design, development, CRM, OpenSource, Mobile applications development and BPO / KPO services. Blurbpoint Media is its fully self-functional sub-division Search Agency, providing services for organic SEO services, link building, pay per click, online retail promotion, as well as marketing and branding.

Experian Hitwise
Experian Hitwise’s online competitive intelligence services give clients daily insight on how Internet users around the world interact with over a million different websites. This insider data allows clients to identify areas of opportunity or obstacle, which can advise effective marketing campaign. Experian Hitwise has an international presence, operating in the United States, Canada, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Singapore. is a search engine with a special focus on online advertising and web services, providing users with convenient, accurate and feature-rich results from multiple search engines. eZanga also offers high ROI-focused advertising campaigns at the local, regional and national level, as well as personalized account management, in-depth toolsets and high-tech fraud prevention.

Findology Interactive Media
Findology Interactive Media, Inc. offers innovative search technology, personalized customer service, advanced fraud protection, and a powerhouse impression-generating publishers network, allowing clients to vary their online advertising strategies. Founded in 2000, Findology also provides pay per click network and management services.

Created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998, Google is one of the world’s best known search engines, providing millions of users with accuaret, blended results for their search queries. Its highly popular, widely-used targeted advertising program allows small businesses and global corporations alike to create, run and manage pay per click campaigns in both its search and content network.

iContact is an e-mail marketing solution that allows clients to connect and communitcate with current and prospective customers, the end-goal being improved marketing and retention strategies. Cost-effective monthly price packages make iContact a good choice for budget-concious businesses.

iCrossing is a digital marketing company that helps clients from all across the globe identify, locate, and engage with their customers. A blend of organic search, paid search, search marketing, web development, social media, research and analytics helps iCrossing create dynamic integrated marketing programs. iCrossing’s clients include Toyota, Travelocity, The Coca-Cola Company and Office Depot.

Formerly Idearc Search Marketing, InceptorSM is a search marketing service with a strong focus on customizating strategies fit to each client’s business objectives. InceptorSM  also offers Pay per click, Search Engine Optimization and Comparison Shopping Engine services.

Indus Net Technologies
Founded in 1997, Indus Net Technologies provides clients with integrated services in the areas of Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Management, Website Analytics and Conversion Optimization. Operating out of the UK as well as India, the company also has various online service brands including,, and

iProspect is a Search Engine Marketing Firm that offers a variety of marketing services including organic SEO, pay per click advertising management, online display advertising management, shopping feed management, and search leveraged public relations. In addition to global search markeitng office, iProspect operates out of Boston, San Francisco, Chicago and Dallas-Ft. Worth.

There you have it – the first installment of our Giant Monster Online Marketing Vendors List. Stay tuned next week for Part 2

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