Giving Up My @AIMCLEAR Twitter Account? #OMG! But WHY, Marty?

Could it be true? Beloved Tweeps: Like many entrepreneurs, I started my personal Twitter account, @AIMCLEAR, AS the company-when we were a very small company.  There was not very much difference between AIMCLEAR (the company) and Marty Weintraub (the guy).

Back in 2008, our second year, I could not have imagined how quickly AIMCLEAR would grow.  Now, @AIMCLEAR is SO much more than just “Marty Weintraub.” With nearly 30 employees, offices in two cities, multiple Inc. 5000 awards, a very sharp CEO, a talented internal marketing team and a legion of skillful community moderators on staff, it’s time to recognize reality.  @AIMCLEAR should really be turned over to AIMCLEAR and become our official company profile. As such, we’ve modified the profile semantically to rank in search engines for the company name, not “Marty Weintraub.”


When we post, as a company in social media, the on duty community moderator will sign the posts. For instance, if  Kevin Watterson is handling the profile, he’ll close each tweet with ^kw. Erica Melchior’s signature will be ^em. If I tweet, you’ll see ^mw, etc.

Stepping away from being the public social media face of AIMCLEAR does not mean I’m disengaging; far from it. I’ve been pouring myself into growing AIMCLEAR‘s marketing products, to such a great extent that there’s barely time to Tweet, handle AIMCLEAR‘s Facebook page, Google+ and LinkedIn profiles.  In fact, turning our social profiles over to internal marketers means, as a company, we’ll offer up a LOT more.  I think you’ll be excited at the editorial value AIMCLEAR‘s grown-up marketing team will bring to our company profiles.

My dear Twitter followers, you mean MUCH more than follower-statistics to me. Most of you are friends and associates, collected over the years whilst traveling the world. You know who you are. You’re the amazing audiences I’ve had the privilege of sharing with, from conference podiums in Australia, Iceland, San Francisco and London.  You’re the thought leaders and speakers we’ve learned so much from. You’re my treasured friends, confidants, mentors, industry associates, bloggers, pundits and marketing genius pals.  You’ve illuminated my life, brought the latest industry news, shared your families and brought immeasurable joy.

You’ll still find me speaking, blogging, sharing and traversing the social media interwebz.  I’m keeping my personal LinkedIn and Facebook profiles. Stepping away from our corporate social profiles will hopefully afford me time to respond to the many inquiries that have backed up over the last few months.  I’ll continue to use my personal Facebook account for personal matters.  I’ve parked @martyweintraub and may actively use Twitter again at some point in the future.

Like many businesspersons, I opened my Twitter account, @AIMCLEAR, when we were a small company.  There wasn’t much differentiation between AIMCLEAR and Marty. AIMCLEAR has taken on a life of its own, with a beating heart and legs that run fast.  Sure, I’m a little sad but a lot excited to give up my Twitter profile that has meant so much to me over the years. Thank you for following AIMCLEAR and me. I love you. See you on the Interwebz, lovely tweople.

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